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Sick of the punctures (6 in 3 weeks) on the standard PR2 tyres on the Giant Defy. Not sure what Giant FlatGuard is - I think it has something to do with apartments...


I knew when I bought it that the 23mm standard tyres would not be long for the commute. Alas some Marathon plus's are now on the way to me.


Not wanting to add even more of a weight penalty, but should I use slime tubes when I put the Marathons on?


The Marathons are a reportedly royal PITA to get on the rim, and may mean an unlikely flat is then unchangeable on the side of the road if something does manage to penetrate the puncture protection.


Would anyone recommending then using slime tubes as well just in case something small does get though?


I suspect not, but would just check with the brains trust first. A 1 kg penalty is already a pretty big hit, but wont slow me down anywhere near as much as 2 punctures a week. Especially when my pump fails and there are no presta valve pump weilding saviours about.




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What size Marathons are you getting? If 28 or more I'd say you'll be right. I mostly use 35s and on the last pair got my first flat just after 10,000k. No slime and plenty of wet roads.

And doesn't slime need removable valve cores?

What valve that is commonly used these days doesn't have a removable core? Schraders do, Prestas do... that's about it.

BTW, my experience with Slime-brand slime is that it is useless. There used to be some other product on the market which was thicker, yellow and did seem to work. I haven't been able to find it recently.

Should  point to this thread helpfully posted by PeterT.

I haven`t had a flat from SMP* tyres from August last year when I bought it but when I changed into Continental Gatorskins for 5 weeks.I got 6 flats in that time frame.I took it off and replaced SMP back in again,yet no more flats without slime tubes.

I know it`s a bugger to put SMP* tyres in,which the first time it took me 45 mins each tyre,but when I changed into other tyres and reverted back into SMP* in 15 mins. The secret is that you have to warm the tyres first before you put it in rims.

What did I do is to open the oven door and let the heat warm it. Don`t ever think of making a rubber meal of it!! ;-)

Why need the slime tubes for SMP* as those tyres are puncture proof? I don`t need it.


*Schwalbe Marathon Plus.


I bought some slime tubes once, they were so ridiculously heavy they lasted about 10 minutes on my bike until I ditched them.

Little point in goop if the tyre is already puncture resistant, per Noel's metric.

I've not had a flat with the marathons on the two bikes (excepting the puncture I put in with the tyre levers when trying to fit the first pair!) given my commute each day is through western Sydney with lots of glass I'm very happy. No slime for me..
Thanks all. The smp's are only the 25's as the frame prob wont take much more (standard tyres are 23's).

Blew another pre filled slime tube on the way home today. Think I had an impact puncture as hit something fast crossing the bourke rd intersection at green square. Conclusion is i think slime tubes are useless and can't wait till the smp's get here as running out patches and patience.

Won't bother with slime tubes, but given the intent is they will be there long time any suggestions for what normal tubes to use.

Also to fit I have warm up tyre, fit valve side and seat then cable tie tyre to rim tight so doesn't pop off when you get roundthe other side. Anything else?


keep yr 23/25 tyres at a high pressure, and try lifting your weight up of the pedals just before you hit the edge of something (pothole, kerb etc).... only 2 ways to avoid snake bites on skinny tyres.

Thanks Ben.


The third is to have a decent enough light so I can see things I need to miss or at least lift the weight before impact! My NiteRider Minewt 150 is just not up to it. Will look at other threads for suggestions, but not sure I can go past Ayups.

PS not the only one getting flats at the moment, three people had them from this morning from Brighton in.

I thought about Ayups too last year, until I saw the 1000 lumen version of these.  At this price and light intensity, Ayups just don't even rate!  I've been quite pleased with my 1000 lumens lights, but I paid about $80 for them 12 months ago.  At that price, they are throw aways when the battery dies.  I've just bought this to take away the spot aspect of the light, and it was delivered within a couple of days, and looks great. 

hmmm, I probably don't qualify to be on the brains trust, but I'm not going to let that stop me.

Would anyone recommending then using slime tubes as well just in case something small does get though?

Absolutely. Even if it has x% chance of working it means x% chance of surviving/avoiding that 'just in case'... you can never know what can happen when you are on the way to the shops* or down a slope at 40+kmh

*courtesy of NSW govt.



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