Would anyone read it if I did?

What should I write about christmas-day-cycling?

Should I even go cycling on christmas day, (the best morning of the year to go cycling)?


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1. Yes,

2, Yes,

3. The joys of cycling on a day the diminished number of motor vehicle controllers are mostly in a good mood, at least as good as it gets,

4. Yes, we expect it, think of all your local and international readers who will be wake up, check what santa has brought (damn, lump of coal again) and then reach for their electronic device to check how many cyclists Neil has discovered on his early morning christmas survey, think of the disappointment if your blog isn't there, would spoil christmas for them, what would all those groups having christmas lunches talk about, "did you see Neil's christmas blog, how about the boom in numbers at west head eh!"

If you don't do it how can I report on the numbers observed around the cbd and near east and others reporting from far flung locations

And on a related topic, (actually not related at all), have you seen the brilliant 2020-2023 Audax Australia distance badges? Well worth doing the distances to get the full set, you have most of 4 years to space them out so should be a piece of (christmas) cake

PS: As long as there are any routes left that haven't been burnt out.

Bloody hell. Audax will give (read: sell) you a medal for riding 50km? And 100km? And 150km?

How standards have slipped since "my day".  ;-)

This is my first cycling distance award, IIRC. It's a felt pennant, and Russell was giving them away to successful finishers of the various distances. (Also: http://www.sydneycyclist.com/profiles/blogs/why-i-don-t-need-anothe...)

We know some pbp ancien like you wouldn't normally get out of bed for less that a 600 but other lesser mortals might be coming back from injury or slackness and need encouragement for their baby steps, audax is an inclusive organisation

PS "..Russell was giving them away to successful finishers of the various distances. .."

You only did a 100 then?

Mate, it was 1980.

I was young and inexperienced then. Just working up to century distances. I probably did the double century the following year.

Audax Australia didn't even exist. Russell and two other NSW people did the '83 PBP. He came back enthused about getting an Aussie branch of ACP going here. He encouraged me to ride randonnées with him. The rest, like me, is (ancient) history.

I get that the club wants to encourage new randonneurs to work up to the classic distance of 200km.  :-)

Recent PBP had a large number of starters even older than you! (hope for some of us yet, maybe), the sports psychologists say "visualising" the goal is the trick to achieving it, I have no problems with the visualisation, the achieving is another matter.

You could also collect the ACP aka "French" medals but they only start at 200 (serious types over there), but no double dipping, you would have to do a second (or more) 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 to claim ACP as well as Audax Australia medals, you know you want to, look nice beside your old ones.

Even *older* than me?

Fark. Do they have space to park my walking frame near the start/finish point?

Yes, provision for a drop bag and other items at the start stored till your triumphant return, I'll be leaving mine there.

Quote, Claus Czycholl (8 PBP starts 1991 - 2019, 7 finishes)

"..I am buying a new road bike when most people of my age are debating whether to get a walker.."

Neil, there's hope for you yet! I rode past a bloke today without trying to burn him off or anything else, just passing because I was travelling a bit faster. He caught up to me as I was turning off, and proudly announced that I'd just passed an 80 year old. I'm assuming that you've still got to attain that esteemed number! ;-)

I'll be riding, but it will be in the rarefied air of a scumo free bubble.




Reading your blog is a Xmas tradition of mine.

You would be letting me down, and worse, letting yourself down, if you didn't.

Just completed my Xmas morning ride. It actually rained a little and for the first time in ages I couldn't smell or see smoke.

Looking forward to reading the blog.



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