Guys, further to the incredible use of our tax dollar that was Operation Pedro...I got shouted at by a fellow cyclist as I rode on the pavement here suggesting I'd get nicked if the cops saw me. Am I mistaken in that the sign indicates it's a shared path or am I in fact an idiot? Cheers.

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It looks to be a shared path, but that doesn't mean the police wouldn't harass you since you fall under the profile of low hanging fruit

Peter, I agree, but I think it's a little early in our relationship to be discussing my fruit in such an off-hand manner.

Certainly looks to be a shared zone - even an over zealous copper could see that!

Yeah well that's exactly what I thought, but this bloke was so adamant I thought I must be wrong. He reckons he'd been hassled for riding on the path before. I dunno maybe it changed.

My understanding is that it is a shared path. Perhaps the other cyclist didn't realise it is a shared path? 

It is a shared path. The police won't nick you for riding on it.

However, what they will do is nick you if you ride on this path, and then use the ped crossing pram ramp to get back onto the road prior to the left turn into where the SHB steps are.

Lots of cyclist do this, as it avoids the usually busy section of path in front of the station and makes the left turn easier.

But when operation pedro is running, they ticket everyone doing that for riding on the ped crossing.

I think this is why there is a misconception that the police will ticket you for riding on that path.

You mean here?


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