Singapore's first automated underground bicycle parking system

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err... my text seems lost. 

Anyway : 

Yes, yes, I know we our first world country is still having 1970s trains in sweltering Sydney and that any free secure parking is abused until it's unusable.

But one can always dream of what other countries have already achieved ....  here is an underground parking system in Singapore which looks to be an improvement over the Japan system as it allows for a 'cell' for the bike and to store your gear. 

And since it'll not be free after the trail period it'll stop/reduce the abusers from treating the system as a dumping ground  


I just left Tokyo and the bike infrastructure is amazing. I saw at least one bike parking lift like this (although not sure if it was a ‘cell’ system or not) in Ginza, and double level bike parking ‘garages’ in Sumida. I only saw one person wearing a helmet (road bike) and most people changed between road riding and footpath. All at a fairly easy pace, no time trials down the footpath. I also only heard one person driving a car press the horn in the whole time I was there (not at someone riding a bike).

I saw some of the stackers in Shinagawa and loved them, the capsule system here would only make them better. I did love the bike culture over there, I think we should buy our old mate Duncan Gay a ticket to Osaka, he'd have apoplexy when he saw how they ride there.

Won`t fit tandem bikes in it, oh wait there`s not many around there.

But what if there`s a power malfunction or computer glitches???

I'm sure it'll take faster to recover from a lightning strike than , say, a particular train system

Solutions for train system,

more cattle trains, sheep/cattle dogs, electric prods and whips to herd the hordes of people into trains. :)


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