A friend's colleague asks:

Is anyone wanting to sell a road bike that just might fit me?

I'm 5 foot 6.

I am looking for a light bike under $1,000.

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Small road bike - one for use on a road no wider or longer than?....

Damn you Ubu I was thinking that. Are you a lawyer?

No, he's even lower on the food chain than that. He's a Drug Pedaller.

I've got a beautiful, hand built Reynolds 531 with Durace components and Mavic Aero wheels, it's a 21inch frame, perfect for you.

I live down the Souith Coast but I come to Sydney every weekend.

I would be happy to accept $975 cash.

Mobile 0458221806

Sounds like a lot of people speaking through their helmets. The issue here is what is the INSIDE LEG MEASUREMENT  as a 5ft 6inch person can have short legs or long legs. I'm 5ft 4inches and ride this custom built bike so you need to read a bit more about how to 'fit' a bike frame before commenting on my blog. 

Being short legged, I'd say TT/stem length/handbar-position-whatsit, and saddle position relative to cranks is more important. As long as my boys bits don't get in the way of dismounting, inside leg is not so important.

Before everyone gets to fighting I'd like to say that bike frame measurement can be an in exact science.
Oh and I have a custom bike and I've never even tried to figure out what size it is. It just fits me.

The Bike Exchange has 992 bikes on there, for under $1000! Good luck finding one for you.

Wow - just over a dollar per bike - a bargain!

Are you still looking for something, Neil?

Sent you a freind request so we can chat



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