I would like to get into cycling, but as my wife does shift work, and we have an 18 month old, getting enough time to go for a ride is near impossible. I am looking at going down the Smart Trainer route so I can get some miles up when our daughter is sleeping and my wife is working.  I would like to combine it with Zwift.

However, given my personal history of buying exercise equipment, and then only using it for a few weeks, I'm not willing to purchase a Smart Trainer to only use it a few times in a few weeks before leaving it collect dust.

I am looking to hire a smart trainer for a month or two, and if it is something that I stick with during that period, I am more willing to go out and purchase my own one.

Does anyone know where I can possibly hire a smart trainer for a few months to see if it is something I am interested in following through with long term and purchasing my own trainer?

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You don't mention your location but you might try this if you are close to Newtown


Others with experience of transporting children on bikes can advise you of other options perhaps but I see scores of happy (mostly asleep) small children in bike seats on bikes in centennial park and elsewhere

From time to time Aldi have fairly cheap bike trailers during their bike special sales and Gumtree of other might have cheaper second hand trailers. Do you have a bike already? There are various types of bike to trailer couplings so you have to make sure of compatibility.

I'm out near Blacktown.  I'm happy to travel if there are only a few in Sydney. I'll check out the one in Newtown.

In terms of the trailer/bike seat, we have thought about that, more worried about doing it during her sleeping hours. The idea of the trainer is to be able to do it at home so that she isn't out and about during sleeping hours.

Andrew, I am surprised others with relevant experience have not jumped in here, maybe the post header ("Smart Trailer") is too specific so people think they have nothing to contribute. There certainly is a lot of people with many years of experience of riding with children of various ages in many different types of seat / trailer etc .

You might also scan the "blog" posts http://www.sydneycyclist.com/profiles/blog/list

Certainly hire one for the weekend say and give it a go, also check out the bike hire places in Centennial Park And Olympic Park as they might have trailer combinations for hire.

Whatever you decide just start small and cautious until you get the hang of the weight, length & handling of the combination. Good Luck

I think Andrew is after a "trainer", not a "trailer".  Zwift is a virtual reality cycling program for use at home.

I also got back into cycling when my kids were very young and I was trapped at home.  I used an exercise bike until eventually I found enough time to be able to venture outside.  Then it was road bike and mountain bike and now the exercise bike only gets used after injury / during long wet spells.

My suggestion is to get a trainer from gumtree.  A trainer is both easier to store and cheaper than an exercise bike, and you have the bike that you can slowly get outside on. Second hand would probably be cheaper than hiring, if you managed to find somewhere.

Hi Andrew

I feel your pain, or I did when youngling was hatched.  Consider a mag or fluid trainer as they are the quietest,  second hand jetblacks are regularly posted by those who have great intentions, but realise reality.  Zwift is wonderful and I dont know what rental fee they will charge but at sub $200 for a non connected trainer you would get a real test of your commitment before you either upgrade or sign up for any longer term rental.   Also consider when youngster is able, that the trailer made my daughter fall asleep, result the wife encouraged me to go "training" both for her rest and my fitness too.

Now I should say what my trailer was rigged with ; Music system/speakers. blanket and pillows, drink in a drink holder, snacks,  and an intercom system ( bluetooth ) as well as a little bell she would use to ring when I wasn't going fast enough

'...a little bell she would use to ring when I wasn't going fast enough.'

Because what could possibly go wrong with that arrangement?! :-)

Don't know of any Trainer Hire places but you could buy a cheap 'Dumb' trainer and link that up with Zwift.

The effect isn't the same, so I'm told, but it would give you a feel for it.

While the smart trainer is around $800 - $1,800, 

The dumb ones would be $400 - $500 (?)

You would also have to pay for the Zwift monthly fees as well ($10 ?)

I haven't tried it yet, but keep an eye on it.

I figure if it's wet outside I can always for a swim or run.

Or else check on ebay, gumtree for a second hand one.


Wiggle Zwift trainers

G'day Andrew,

I've been using a Wahoo Kickr with Zwift for about a year now. I can't ride on the road just yet because the brain surgery I had last year means my balance is still not good enough for me to be on the road. Yes, it's not cheap but it's brilliant.

Forget Aldi, they won't have anything that links with Zwift and they won't have anything that approaches the Kickr in quality.Please, people who have never used a smart trainer should not give advice in this area.

You get what you pay for. You can get the Wahoo Snap for about $600-700 but its not direct drive, as the Kickr is. The Kickr is $1,600 but its flawless and once you get going with Zwift you'll wonder why you didn't get one earlier.

Call The Fixed Wheel in Manly, its where I got mine. They might hire you one for 2 months before you buy.

Seriously, forget trying to bargain hunt, just get the best and get going.


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