SMH: NSW budget 2016: $80 million for cycling infrastructure

I will believe it when I see it.

NSW budget 2016: $80 million for cycling infrastructure

"We all know the health benefits of cycling and want to encourage people to get moving and lead an active lifestyle, that's why we're boosting investment in cycling infrastructure," she (Gladys) said.

If they have know this, then why have they done nothing for the last 5 years.

My concern is they will waste the money on inappropriate infrastructure which no-one will use.

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My concern is they will waste the money on inappropriate infrastructure which no-one will use.

Or pay for the replacement of cycling infrastructure that is ripped up during the construction of roading projects instead of allocating funds from the general roading budget or toll revenue.

Or spread the $80 million over 10 years.

Or see that 'cyclists' respond with cynicism and negativity and just completely ignore cycling next time a budget review comes up....

As pointed out by Rob in another thread, negative advocacy and table thumping seems to be getting zero traction. Maybe it is time to try a different approach a while?

I am more of a 30 x 40 rider myself maybe in keeping with the significant hurdles bicycle riding faces in Australia & NSW especially. Can you elaborate on the "different approach"?

We might have good reason for scepticism given that our State Government (or parts thereof) seem to do all they can to discourage bicycling (other than for sport).

Some local councils do great jobs with infrastructure, promotion, education, skills enhancement but get attacked by ministers and bogan press for their efforts

A positive, supportive environment for cycling is more than just infrastructure, ministerial rants can undo years of promotion and cyclepath building

"elaborate on the "different approach""

In Newcastle, it's the brown paper bag full of cash for candidates that works. It would work for either party anywhere, although the liarbrels seem to have it down to a fine art!

Sorry, cynicism is extra high at the moment due to the approaching Federal Election. Oh, and this state government's record on cycling issues.

So what is your reaction to the funding announcement?

here here.

I was going to post something similar, but toned down my response (below).  I was thinking right along the same lines.. there seems to be no positive outlook expressed here at all.

I disagree. There is a justifiable cynicism from the general public toward the Baird government. It is not isolated to bicycle infrastructure. 

Recent behaviour indicates the funding could easily be funnelled into things like tidying up after the WestConnex interchange works in Rozelle for the benefit of a private toll operator.  They can take a small step toward improving their image by prioritising the allocation of this funding in a transparent manner that matches the responses from consultation with the community.

My gut feeling is that Gladys Berejiklian is aiming for that, but it could easily fall apart if Duncan Gay and co gets anywhere near the decision-making process. 

Whether cynicism is justified or not, does a cyncial reaction to a funding announcement makr any significant contributions to better cycling outcomes? I dont think so. If anything, i think this kind of language would probably makes things worse if it finds its way it to discussion with decision makers.

Use it for a makeover or tear down of Tibby Cotter bridge.

Wouldn't put it past them

How many "Cyclists dismount" signs can you buy for $80million?


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