Ashamed to admit it sounds a lot like me.

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I can see myself in there as well. Especially related to the bit at the end about being able to tinker.
I've heard cycling, especially the roadie,lycra stuff referred to as "the new golf".
However I don't care because I wouldn't ever buy a sports car,I've lost a stack of weight,I really love it and the missus doesn't mind.
‘‘and you can tinker with them. Blokes like that, and you can’t do it with modern cars, can you?’’

That is a really good point. Modern cars suck for guys like Tim "The Toolman" Taylor who want to tinker with their toys (until they don't work anymore). Cycling may be the "new golf" but the bikes themselves are the new "car restoration".

I've been thinking about restoring an old frame (if I can find a good one) and building a fixie. I guess I must also be in a mid-life crisis (already!!)...
I can realize my dream building a classic italian steel road bike which though a money pit wouldn't cost as much as a restored italian sports car.
Probably be able to get it to work as well, unlike the car.
Oh no. I already restored and old frame into a fixie. I must be mid, mid life crisis. Argh!
And I bought a Litespeed recently. Double hit mid life crisis.

Ha ha makes me look........good (?) young (?) .....(still pathetic mid-life thrill seeker)
Right on!

I would regard NOT doing something new, engaging and unusual as a crisis.

Personal view on critics- if they aren't practitioners and joining in they can FO. I tell them that too!
I'm 38, no kids, no marriage, no mortgage. Probably 'peter pan syndrome'. So it couldn't be a midlife crisis if I haven't grown up yet.
I am thinking of taking a french mistress for my mid life crisis.
We'll be queuing up!
That's a minor relief. I was ready for you to suggest that I was in line behind you ;-)
Mais je cherche une maîtresse (professeur) française.
Aw.... Never mind - I'm sure something will come up.
Mid life crisis is bullshit. Three years ago I rediscovered that riding bikes is a whole lot of fun, and gets you fit at the same time. And who needs a Colnago, Ridley, Orbea, Pinarello to do it. Any bike will pretty much do it.,

For me, and a lot of my middle aged friends, it's just like being a kid again, we ride around the inner burbs, have coffee, go to the pub occasionally, and have a ball doing it. Why does modern society have to analyse everything? Some things are just great. Like cycling.


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