SMH today ... "Road rule that drivers don't seem to know"

On page 17, a great article by Caitlin Fitzsimmons on her experience with Sydney drivers not knowing a crucial road rule, Reg No: 72 -- thanks BobM), and the NSW Police's (and RMS officers in my experience) indifference to pedestrian and cyclist safety.

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Many times I've had the same argument with motorists who try and run me over when I am on the footpath and they are turning into private property. Commonly they say that not only do I have no f***ing idea what I am talking about but they also threaten me with physical violence. This points to a more deep seated problem - yes there is widespread ignorance about a law that is bleedingly obvious but many of these ignorant and yet fully licenced people are basically unfit to drive motor vehicles.

They are already using the car as a weapon, the threat is a second round of violence from them.

Happy Birthday Russ btw

Methinks we could ask Police to blitz this particular road rule

Tks M.

'Sydney drivers not knowing a crucial road rule' ... in Sydney?

All drivers know the road rules, many of them just don't care to abide by them. Being the first to a corner entitles drivers to determine their own rules. The driving public have decided this.

During the Christmas /New Year public holidays, the ACT Police had a road blitz. At the end of the blitz the Police Commissioner was so appalled at the level of driving in the ACT he slammed the entire community.

Nothing appears to have changed after the public shaming.

I like visiting and driving in Sydney, because Sydney drivers are well mannered and courteous, unlike Canberrans. The entitlement mentality is all pervasive in the ACT.


Which is why don't see any problem with developing technology to render shiny toys inert.

It did used to be said about the ACT "Best roads, worst drivers". Don't know about best roads nowadays

Andrew, you are absolutely spot on. When the work that was carried out by the Territory's Roads and Bridges Section, was privatised, the new road quality and road maintenance quality, dropped so far, one can only say ... it's good enough for rural.

I've a MTB, I say, paved roads ... another fine example of wasteful government spending.


Saw VMS messages up on roads to day about giving cyclists one metre, and also heard a radio announcement too, keep up the good work RMS or whoever.

Probably need a suite of messages about driving with cyclists about, as it's more than just giving clearance, but repetition to the point of nausea is what they say works.


They need another one for pedestrians, concerning giving way when turning. And when using driveways

Not sure if it was tour of Algarve or the other race (sorry feel asleep in front of TV) but at the finish line they had a large screen with a graphic showing a biker and a car and the 1.5m gap . Very visible and a clear message.

It would be interesting if they require drivers to be tested, say, every 5 years to get their licences renewed. All pigs fed and ready to fly, sir!


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