So a neighbour in Lane Cove got T boned by a car in April

He injured his hand - requiring recurring hospital visits, but his bike and the car that T boned him were undamaged.

Asking him on the weekend about how he has recovered, he told me that the worst part was dealing with the police. He has been informed that the driver of the car that pulled out in front of him has been let off, without even a warning.

Apparently, according to the police report, the driver didn't see him, and since cyclists are too hard to see, the police attending the scene decided that it wasn't the drivers fault.

Following up in recent weeks, the police have even suggested that if he was riding in a cycle lane, then maybe he would have been easier to see, or that the driver could conceivably have been more aware of cyclists approaching. But since he was not in a cycle lane he was unexpected, and hence unseen. ...........

Sadly, I find this information simultaneously unbelievable and completely believable.

What is happening in Sydney? 

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This is messed up! When I got hit on the Bourke st bike path, I went to the police after going to hospital - not in an ambulance but was worried a recently healed scapula had been damaged. The police weren't really interested on the phone but as soon as I mentioned the hospital had given me pain meds with the discharge, it counts as "requiring hospital treatment" so they charged the guy with negligent driving.

From which the obvious lesson is to always go to the A&E department, regardless of whether you think you are sufficiently injured or not, to get something in writing from someone official.

Yes, ditto this. You have to be injured for it to be taken seriously. The one time the police did anything fo rme was when I had been to A&E, and went to the cop shop with a bandage on my arm.

Maybe next time I get a close pass, I'll deliberately wobble and 'fall off', go to A&E and then report it, saying I was spooked by the close pass and then as a result was injured...

After reading this, I'm thinking next time I'm hit by a car (I've been hit 3 times previously), I plan to lie on the ground  screaming (preferably in the middle of the road holding up traffic) until the ambulance arrives. I wonder if being carted off in an ambulance would make a difference?

As long as they take the bike as well so you can ride home from hospital.

When I got hit and attended to by paramedics, they put my bike in the ambulance with me. Nice guys. Of course, the bike was hardly rideable. Steel frame bent like a banana. 

I think it does, as the police have to attend the scene

I got t-boned in 2015 by a ute on Darley Road in Leichhardt. All I remember if flying through the air watching the ute driving away! He must of heard me hit as about 10 people came out of their houses at 06:30 as my forks left the rest of my bike. The  Ambulance took me to hospital, the police turned up, but showed little interest as I didn't get his rego..

Just tell them you have chest pain, that will guarantee you a trip in the ambulance.

Our family has had 2 ambulance trips in the last year and both were freebies - Maybe the Ambos make a judgement call about the seriousness or necessity of the call out?

I haven't advertised it here because it is just too embarrassing - This last Anzac Day I came a cropper. Pushing pretty hard with my head down, up a gentle grade I rode into the back of a parked car in Fivedock. I smashed my face and shoulder right through the rear windscreen and got a bit cut up.

That was one of the ambulance trips................, 

If that's the one you're happy with the world to know, I'd hate (read love) to hear the other one.

Almost as stupid - daughter tripped over at netball finals and fell onto the ball. Broke the head of her humerus clean off. Surgery job .........


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