So a neighbour in Lane Cove got T boned by a car in April

He injured his hand - requiring recurring hospital visits, but his bike and the car that T boned him were undamaged.

Asking him on the weekend about how he has recovered, he told me that the worst part was dealing with the police. He has been informed that the driver of the car that pulled out in front of him has been let off, without even a warning.

Apparently, according to the police report, the driver didn't see him, and since cyclists are too hard to see, the police attending the scene decided that it wasn't the drivers fault.

Following up in recent weeks, the police have even suggested that if he was riding in a cycle lane, then maybe he would have been easier to see, or that the driver could conceivably have been more aware of cyclists approaching. But since he was not in a cycle lane he was unexpected, and hence unseen. ...........

Sadly, I find this information simultaneously unbelievable and completely believable.

What is happening in Sydney? 

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If that's the one you're happy with the world to know, I'd hate (read love) to hear the other one.

Almost as stupid - daughter tripped over at netball finals and fell onto the ball. Broke the head of her humerus clean off. Surgery job .........


... there is a viral video of a similar incident. Except yours sound like the MA( blood , gore) version

Plenty of blood. Luckily no concussion, or broken bones or smashed teeth.

Hugely dented ego ........ 

It's also a way to go to the front of the queue to see the doctor when you get "triaged" at the Emergency Department.


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