So a neighbour in Lane Cove got T boned by a car in April

He injured his hand - requiring recurring hospital visits, but his bike and the car that T boned him were undamaged.

Asking him on the weekend about how he has recovered, he told me that the worst part was dealing with the police. He has been informed that the driver of the car that pulled out in front of him has been let off, without even a warning.

Apparently, according to the police report, the driver didn't see him, and since cyclists are too hard to see, the police attending the scene decided that it wasn't the drivers fault.

Following up in recent weeks, the police have even suggested that if he was riding in a cycle lane, then maybe he would have been easier to see, or that the driver could conceivably have been more aware of cyclists approaching. But since he was not in a cycle lane he was unexpected, and hence unseen. ...........

Sadly, I find this information simultaneously unbelievable and completely believable.

What is happening in Sydney? 

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and was the cyclist wearing a helmet?

If the driver was injured or the cyclist wasn't wearing a helmet it would have made front page Terrorgraph news.

"Criminal helmetless cyclist smashes innocent motorist's vehicle". Commander Ploddy McPlodface of the North Shore HWP was quoted as saying "It is high time these bloody cyclists got off the road - they don't pay registration or insurance and are just a menace". He said that he'll be instructing all his officers to stop and demand identification from every cyclist they see in a new operation "PlodForce" - "we are hoping that many of these cockroaches on wheels don't pass the "attitude test"" he added with a wink.

"Was the driver injured?"

Yeah, eye damage. Though this could have been a pre existing condition .......

Interesting, a workmate probably 5 yrs ago was reversing out of his driveway and hit a parked car, unfortunately the owner of the other car was there and decided put their hand out to protect their car (god knows why) and injured their hand, not badly from what he said. The police told him he would loose his license over it and sure enough went to court and lost his license for 12 months because he had hurt someone.

I guess we have a hard decision to make, ride in the bike lane, get doored, fall over and get run over by a car in the lane next to us and no one will be charged as the door opener can't be expected to lookout for bike when getting out of his car and the guy who runs us over can be blamed for us falling in front of them!

Is there a link to this news story?

Chatswood police are extremely anti-cyclist.

I have had nothing but bad experiences dealing with them. I have had traffic cops overtake me inside 1m, had cops shout 'd!ckhead' at me, and endlessly been told that they had no intention of doing anything at all with the various close pass footage I have taken to them, even suggesting that one of them was somehow my own fault.

So, sadly, this does not surprise me at all.

Me either.

I know one of the senior guys at Chatswood. 

It might be time for a talk.

CA,or BNSW or somebody who gives a shit, needs to start a conversation with the NSW Police to make sure their troops are educated and aware of cyclist issues. Clearly, they are not. 

"start a conversation with the NSW Police to make sure their troops are educated and aware of cyclist issues"

Do we think this would make any difference? It seems to me there is a cultural hatred of cyclists in NSW and the Police force simply reflects that, regardless of whether their job should require them to have a different attitude.

I see it as an education issue.

I always expect the best of people and expect that common sense will prevail. Of course, I'm often wrong, but I think it's important to try.

A year or two ago I was a witness to a fairly serious car crash in Lane Cove and the police attending the scene were, sad to say, pedestrian at best.

I had to take the constables note pad from him and write my own statement because he didn't seem to be able to draw a diagram of the intersection or write down what I was saying accurately. He said I shouldn't be doing it, but didn't mind me taking over ........

We need to help them to help themselves.

How would this have been dealt with if the car had hit a pedestrian? 

We talked about this, and how if it was a black car she T boned, she could have had more leniency v/s a white one.

Just stupid!

>he told me that the worst part was dealing with the police.


It's like getting raped twice, and one of the reasons why some women don't report sexual assault crimes.

The police attitude is that cyclists need to taught a lesson, just like women not wearing hijabs or burkas.

Uncovered meat and all that


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