Any ladies input comparing riding a bike on the road vs threats from men?

Granted one is probably more of a choice vs the other.

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I'd wager that within families relationships, women are much more likely to suffer assaults of all forms. And that, outside of relationships (ie random), men are more likely to be victims.

no need to wager - the stats back you up.

Yes, 30 women dead so far this year and 51 last year.

There is a discussion on FB from the 26th June in the "Sydney Bike Commuters (Regular and New)" group discussing the harassment that ladies cop when out riding their bikes.  Seriously, seriously uncool.

Yes, I read that post.

That's mainly in the men mind that they are in a car and can get away with it.

Bravery in its finest, and closely related to the mindset  when they execute punishment passes etc - they absolutely think they will not get caught and our finest Police Force helps shield them

it is seriously a problem. When my boyfriend arrives from the country next week with one of his Bianchis, I think its going to be a luxury to ride from Cremorne to Palm beach without one of the creeps behind the wheel DARING to let out a peep. I don't think he believes me when i tell him on each ride Im screamed at on average around three times, sideswiped 1-2. Thats why I have a go pro now, as evidence. Male cyclists are lucky,- this happens way less! 

I'll add my two cents worth. I used to ride on average 2 hours a day. I was very buff, when an injury caused me to stop riding overnight. I became depressed, and started piling on the kilos. 3 years down the track, and 30kg heavier, I have recovered and taken my passion up again, (one month ago) upgrading from my Bromptons to a stellar Bianchi, where I clock up around 350kms per week. From nothing to 80kms rides within a few weeks!

This doesn't deter the screaming mysogyny I get (mostly from men)- 'get off the road ya fucking FAT BITCH!' (yes Im almost 100kg, awards for observance, dickheads! The funny thing is, I never really lost my core strength, thanks to the bromptons being such hard work, so I have on occasion caught these jerks at the lights. They seem to shrivel in their seats, like pathetic little vermin they are, chiwawas with their tales between their legs.

The hostility I experience by men with such a sense of entitlement (how dare I occupy space!) I feel, may one day cost me my life out on the road. In addition to the screaming Ive had them side swipe to intimidate, honk horns for no reason to distract- i think I'm going to collate my abuse on my go pro to make a short clip (exposing number plates also) to show just how pervasive this problem really is. I'd say on an average 50km I'm abused three times.

Just wait until I'm looking athletic one more with legs of steel- I can bet the denigration will die down a little...we need an ad campaign about idiot behaviour - theres a reason I'm 'not getting off the road-' its called the law and nobody wants to ride in shards of road glass and debris for punctures.


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