Any ladies input comparing riding a bike on the road vs threats from men?

Granted one is probably more of a choice vs the other.

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In that vein, other car drivers are probably get the greater share of Road Rage , just because there are simply more car drivers around and they are mixing it up with great overlap.

It's the magnitude of 1300kg vs 80kg , or typical masculine strength vs feminine strength.

Anyway, it looks like no (other) female is keen to engage on this topic, so I guess the answer is, no, there are not much similarities. 


I'd wager that within families relationships, women are much more likely to suffer assaults of all forms. And that, outside of relationships (ie random), men are more likely to be victims.

no need to wager - the stats back you up.

Yes, 30 women dead so far this year and 51 last year.

There is a discussion on FB from the 26th June in the "Sydney Bike Commuters (Regular and New)" group discussing the harassment that ladies cop when out riding their bikes.  Seriously, seriously uncool.

Yes, I read that post.

That's mainly in the men mind that they are in a car and can get away with it.

Bravery in its finest, and closely related to the mindset  when they execute punishment passes etc - they absolutely think they will not get caught and our finest Police Force helps shield them


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