So you thought the Alpine Classic was tough. This guy does it before breakfast!


Glenn Druery at Bobbin Head. Photo by Adam Ward, NewsLocal

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 800km/day for 6 days at 33km/h avg speed. That is just mental.

I've ridden with Glenn a few times.  He's very fit.

He was at Bright for the Alpine Classic with some of his RAAM team, including Steve Berveling who is doing RAAM solo this year.  He's also very fit :-)

One day, I reckon I wouldn't mind doing this - but on a team, not solo.

Neil met him in Bright too - I seem to recall he was riding on the day before the AAC (when we saner folk were lounging around a pool) with the guy with the bamboo bike.  

I also recall that the bike in the photo is quite old - didn't he take it to the Moots factory in USA and they tested it and said it was a good as the day he had bought it?

So when he says he "trained for the event by loading up his old bike with tins of dog food and riding from Turramurra to the city, as well as 200km rides on weekends." does he mean he has an even older bike.....?

Some people are just legends (I wouldn't have thought he was 50 either, btw).  Sigh.


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