Hello all,

Before I start, I'd just like to let you know that I've cleared this with DamianM (thanks!).

I'd love a bit of feedback... I recently started a cycling wear brand called Hotmix Apparel. The one where you can mix’n’match your jersey with different bibshorts/knicks. I’d like to make it into something that’s different to what’s on the market and am open to ideas. What do you think of our first range? Should we go wilder or pare it back? What do you think is a fair price for an Italian-made garment with a top-notch pad and fabrics? You can see them at www.hotmix.cc

All constructive thoughts appreciated! :)


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When I saw the $160 price tag for a short sleeved shirt, I had to ask myself why are people suckered-in just because it's for cyclists! I buy these for $26 or less, and although they aren't cycling specific, I have one for every day of the week for less than $160! I believe that they help me be seen on the road. Long distance truckies seem to agree!

It's like paying through the nose for aviation specific bits just because they are aviation certified, even though I have been told that they are inferior to modern car parts!

Look nice, but thanks, not at that price!

Dabba just because you got a job modelling the shirts on that site no need to remind us of your rugged good looks, make any shirt look good, maybe Jules will have to employ you too. ;-)

Anyway, they probably don't make your size.

Thanks for the support Bill ;)

Hi Dabba,

Firstly, thanks for the feedback. I can appreciate your point and I realise lycra isn't for everyone. Our target market is for those riders who do like to wear the grippy, non-flappy cycling specific apparel! :) $26 for a top sounds like a steal!

I am with you on the visibility side of things though. Bright designs only! Cheers again.


Hi Jules, I like the design of the women's tops. They are bright and fun. I say go wilder! I don't wear Knicks so I don't have any feedback on them.

My only concern is the light blue top looks a bit see through as I can see the model's bra which is something no woman wants. It might be just the flash of the camera that has done that though.

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the kind words. "Go wilder" is where we'd like to head with the designs. There's a lot of very conservative kits out there at the moment. 

Intersting point about the jersey. Whilst I can assure you the top isn't see-through, a lot of the lighter lycra fabrics, when they have a contrasting coloured top worn beneath them, do show a feint outline. I think the camera flash may have been a little harsh - we'll try and back it off a bit next time so as it's not as harsh! 

Thanks again,

Hi Jules, 

I think the concept is a great idea and the colours and styles displayed on the home page are modern, bold and vibrant.  If I were in your shoes, I'd lower the price in the early stages while you grow and establish your brand and build a customer base (assuming you're just starting out), then let it evolve to the current levels naturally through demand.

A great idea though, looking good!


Hi Pete,

Thanks for taking the time to reply - I appreciate your advice. What would you consider to be a fair price, given the garments features (i.e. excellent fabrics and construction, Italian-made, limited-runs, etc) ?


Hi Jules, 

To be honest, I don't think you've necessarily got the pricing wrong at all, and given the associated features you've described puts it in a favourable niche of the market.

What I really meant was, maybe start with a slightly lower 'introductory price' in the early stages , while you build your reputation and customer base.  You could take advantage of marketing this introductory price any way you like, which will all help to generate initial interest, build the customer base and also encourage a sense of brand loyalty.  I really do think you're on the right track with this by the way.


Hi DabbaBill ParkerKim an Pete Fetcher,

Thank you all for your thoughts and feedback! I hear you and have taken all your comments on board.  The more I find out from everyone the better we're going to make it!

Kind regards,

Hi Jules,

It's an interesting concept and the gear looks good, but the prices do look high...  the prices are what you'd expect to pay for the best quality gear and to me the bright colours, shiny lycra, and logo look more cheap and cheerful than high quality. At that price point you're competing against some brands that produce beautiful gear and do superb marketing, eg:



I'd go back to their websites just to look at the photos!

I'm not sure how many pairs of tropic boardy knicks a market the size of Sydney can sustain. The men's knicks especially could be a hard sell, most blokes seem to wear plain old black unless they're on a club ride.

I reckon you could go a bit wilder with the jerseys though, they're a bit too geometric and plain and if you did wear them with black knicks would be nothing too outrageous, which I guess might make them easier to sell!

Good luck!


Hi Sean,

Points taken - thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts! Funnily enough, the men's knicks are the easiest to sell! :) All in all though, I hear you. Much appreciated.



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