Some navel gazing - or - where to from here?

SC is nearing 5000 members, many of whom are either no longer active, or have seen it all before and so don't throw in their 5 cents worth.  For some time I've been wondering whether it is reaching its "use-by date" due to the dwindling number of contributors and contributions.  One only has to look at today's effort to see that there are many hours where no-one contributes.  This was not the case a few years ago.  I recall joining at around the 500 mark, and for some time there were spirited discussions with contributions by many members.  It was not uncommon for significant daily numbers/volume of diverse input from many people in that period - it doesn't seem to be the case now!

Do others feel this too?

If so, how do we re-invent this valuable source of information, banter, etc to enable it to continue to be a meaningful group for years to come?

Have discussion points been exhausted?

I'm at a loss on this, and I'd certainly hate to see the work of Damian et al slowly go down the gurgler!

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What has this got to do with handlebar bags and table drains? Stay on topic please.

seriously this is a ridiculous argument - we need to be real or be ridiculed

After more than 2 days without any post, it's time to resurrect this post. There are nearly 1,000 more members now than there were 4 years ago and nothing seems to have caused any marked change in discussions and input. 

Possibly, there is such a large volume of archives covering almost every single field of cycling endeavour that new members needn't face off with the old fogies - they just search and find what they need :-) 

C'mon you young fogies, throw something in,even if it is a WITWIMB, or a how do I get to there from here. Or a nice ride you did:)
The weather is so good at the moment, surely everyone is just out riding?
Nice and warm, but I nearly fell off having a sneezing fit.

That survey for BNV is the first time they are reviewing their MHL stance in 25 years from what I have read.  Good to see they are looking at themselves and thus us.

It don`t belongs to this navel gazing thread.

It had been posted on 31st Aug on this site.

I am with You Snowy_5

Gazing at my naval regarding this site.

I have gained plenty of cycling info here. From new cycle way progress(or lack thereof) to gaining a sale of my folding bike which enabled me to purchase a new standard replacement that now suits my current needs. We even got another new member by him responding(active or passive).

I have found interesting commentary in regard to those that damage us on the roads, the ensuing court cases & jail sentences or penalties. Operation Pedro warnings etc. etc.

Thanks all for that & keep up the good work.

Hopefully however, The Inner Circle will allow members views that might not suit them, without shooting them down into silence.

Kind Regards, John H.

I am not a techie, but engagement of the keyboard warrior is an issue here I am thinking.  Is it possible to tweak the system so that when new discussions are generated, you are notified, so more of a push strategy?  This may stimulate people to logon and participate??  Cycle on Fbook is quite good.  They do have a national focus, but it's strength is in VIC IMO.

I saw one yesterday called Bike Safe which is an advocacy group based in the Greater Geelong area in VIC.  They seem to be kicking goals in their community, both bike paths and improved road shoulders.  


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