Now if only the vested interests do something about it. Not holding my breath.


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Yep, it was originally published here:-

And the comments confirm something else we already know. Even on a site that prides itself on being "a place for intelligent discussion" the comments are the typical Australian bogan vitriol of running over cyclists because they deserve it because they don't pay registration - FFS.

How many cars get dented or keyed per mention of 'registration'?

Here's hoping it'll help the lazy plods
Also a link on that abc page to SA decision to make footpath cycling legal, unless signed otherwise.

The article in the Conversation had a great link at the end to a paper on Strict Liability laws, pros and cons.

That reference on strict liability is great Bob. Thanks!

One more thing about this, it's shouldn't be just applied to drivers - cyclists , but extended to cover cyclists - pedestrians as well.


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