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I was riding with Mrs Blue yesterday morning, and we noted a car behind us being particularly 'revvy' and I mentioned 'sometimes you can just tell'. Sure enough, as soon as there was any gap he overtook, raced up to the lights ahead and slammed the brakes on just in time for us to filter past. Then a block later the beep as he overtook us.

What do you do when you hear this car behind? You know sometimes someone is driving aggressively, and I'm never sure whether to more obviously take primary position, or to move in a bit and just get out of the way (and annoy them less).

I mention this as the Missus was riding home last night and exactly the same thing happened, only this time the car intentionally (was accelerating and had plenty of space) passed close to her and hit her with a side mirror. She didn't come off and was just shaken, but her words on the phone to me were "I should've known, it was as you said - you could just tell he was going to be an idiot".

We reported to the police and they were good about it (took rego).

So a) What do you do when you hear an idiot?

b) How has reporting things to the cops worked out for you? They were real nice to us, came round, took the statement. Confirmed that the rego matched the description. We reported it as a bit of closure, rather than sitting here for a couple of days worrying if we should have or if he had a record of doing this kind of thing etc. I'm sure the cops don't put out roadblocks, but the thinking is that if he gets pulled over or is known to them, then it's all part of the picture.

FYI it was Codrington Street near the Uni Swimming pool, plenty of pedestrians around, not a fast road, nowhere for him to get to to save time, plenty of visibility. Car was a dark grey Ford Territory, reg BS42GD. Best bit of the police report "Do you have a description of the driver?" "Well, I didn't really see him, but I can confirm he was a bloody idiot and a shit driver"

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Need to get these types off the road, so good on you for reporting. Seeing as he hit your wife it really should go further, but it is difficult without witnesses, etc. if he is a regular user of Codrington and that area I hope he will eventually get caught. Could put it on Go!Fix to get wider distribution of his rego number.

I'd much rather that they are in front of me rather than behind me. If that means not filtering past them at a red light but just waiting in the queue behing them, don't filter past them. If it is safe to pull over and stop to let them pass you can do that. Or turn off that road and take a different route for a while. You don't know the reason why they are driving like that. Maybe they are just a dickhead, maybe they are rushing someone to hospital, maybe they have just been fired or dumped and are having a really shitty day. That isn't to excuse them, just to say that there are all sorts of reasons why someone out on the road would be impatient/agressive. Whatever the reason, though, if you aren't comfortable sharing space with them you need to do what you can to make sure that your interactions are as minimal as possible.


"Well, I didn't really see him, but I can confirm he was a bloody idiot and a shit driver"

well there's my laugh for the day, thanks

If taking the lane is necessary then it's even more necessary when there is a $%^head behind you.

That said if traffic is light then I would not be filtering to the front. 

Well that's the dilemma - I totally agree about the lane thing, but that's the sort of thing to piss 'em off even more. Eye contact works pretty well of course.

Looks like a clear case of Menacing Driving

(1) Offence-intent to menace A person must not drive a motor vehicle on a road in a manner that menaces another person with the intention of menacing that other person.
Maximum penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 18 months or both (in the case of a first offence) or 50 penalty units or imprisonment for 2 years or both (in the case of a second or subsequent offence).

Also leaving the scene of an accident.

+1 "punishment passes" should result in loss of licence. I've had two in the last couple of months.

People that drive like this also tend to be the sort of people that will get out of their car and beat you with the iron bar they are carrying under their seat. They're not ordinary people.

It's a lesson I've been trying to teach myself - just get the hell out of the way of these people. And report it to the police.

+1. Have had some differing experiences with reporting to Police the few instances I have had over the years. Most Police are genuinely interested, especially with an accompanying DVD burned off the handlebar cam, but even then the follow up can be hit or miss.

I hold my primary positioning when I hear the unmistakable sound of the revving of a rage cage rather than make a bee line for the gutter (which will only make them overtake unsafely in the same lane), but as with most opinion they are best left in front where possible to go and take out their life frustrations on others. So I will not overtake them again in any manner.  

One particular buzz saw a guy overtake me into oncoming traffic on the other side of a traffic island (oncoming traffic had to swerve off the road) while I was maintaing same speed 2 m distance (even then probably too close) from the car in front. Where ever he though he was going to return to I have no idea. He pulled back in behind me, was going off his nut. He managed to get in front via a complicated route blasting down some side streets and returning to the original route in front. As I waited at a red light he waited on the other side out of the car with an iron bar - while I was looking for exit options, a few other riders joined me at the red light. I made out I knew them and he took off. Police weren't terribly interested in that one even with some camera footage. Fortunately that is about a once in 12 - 18 months event even full time commuting. You get much more than that car on car I have found. Clown will be clowns to you if they want, regardless of what transport you are using. More exposed on a bike though. Some Telegraph readers really do just see the red mist descend when they see a bike and all rational thought escapes them.


Wow, if the cops dont respond to an incident like that, it's probably time for an appointment with your local MP.


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