Just got told to get off the road by a man in a sporty black car driving up Bathurst Street. He had two lanes in which he could have overtaken me. TWO FREAKING SPARE LANES!!! But no, it's much better to abuse the cyclist than TO USE YOUR FREAKING BRAIN.

I have the right to be on the road

I have the right to take the lane

Drivers need to learn to share public roads

I need to go on another ride just to calm down,

Not the best first day back on the bike after a week holiday.

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So sorry to hear that Kimberley.

I know it won't solve anything for you but you can log this into Go! Fix under "Abuse/Aggression" with the location.  Perhaps we can pick up some trends on where this happening and why?  Even petition for some monitoring of those areas if we find some consistency. 

Then again, we might need to put up with these numskulls until the offending gene is weeded out through Darwinian processes.

Thank you Omar.

Speaking of Darwin... what worries me is that he had his eyes off the road for a good 10 seconds or so. A pedestrian could have stepped out in front of him and he would not have seen them. 

oh, and the reason it happens there is because there is still no East/West cycle path!

I hear you!  Still, if you feel like leaving a marker behind, log it in.  The more data we have on this sort of thing the better we can make a case for dealing with some of the causes or at least some of the ways we may alleviate such potential conflict in the future. 

In any case, perhaps a good excuse for a nice glass of wine tonight?  ;-)

It is important in these situations to not take on that person's negative energy and let it effect you (easier said than done, I know). I have worked pretty hard over the last few years to deal with abuse with humour and a positive attitude as much as I can. You don't know what was going through that guy's head - some people out there are having a really bad day, some people are in a real emergency hurrying to get somewhere, some people are just arseholes, and for whatever reason they have chosen to vent their frustrations at you. Responding like-for-like only really ever leads to an escalation of conflict or just puts you in a negative place yourself, and that can have pretty serious flow on effects. We make our best decisions when we are in a positive frame of mind and you don't want that bad experience haunting your decisions for the next few minutes or even the rest of your day or week.

On the bright side, that was just one guy. Hundreds or thousands of others would have passed you today without incident, proving we can all share the space without a problem.

Thanks Rob, you are right. I really do try not to abuse back as mostly it's other people around (not the driver) who hear it and because they have not seen the incident they can only think "what a rude cyclist". 

I admire people able to act positively in these situations as Rob suggests, I certainly cannot as hard as I try.

my daughter taught me to ride ,whenever there was a confrontational situation my first response was to shout back ,mainly because I was scared .She would always say cool it mum ,doesn't look good. But one trip coming back from picking up bread at Iggy's at Bronte we were travelling along the contralane (can't remember the road,but a simialar situation to Wilson ,going towards Iggys we would be on the green painted lane ,coming back we would be on the road) We had a old disgruntled fellow in a big old ford come up behind quickly,bullying us and shouting get into the green lane you****. ..Then all of a sudden my daughter stopped spun around and said to him  "whats your problem ?" then proceded to explain ,lecture, the correct use of the contraflow to a stunned old man who was not expecting  to have a confrontation back, .he ended up being contrite and just wanting us to go since we stopped in the middle of the road,repeating over and over ok I get it now ,can I go?


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