I am not advocating the use of MP3 and headphones etc while riding, I don’t plug in when I ride and I don’t recommend this as a practice as I believe it is dangerous. What I am riding at is your personal sound track while you ride, what music pops into your head unbidden?

I have found on my travels that, when I ride, there are songs, albums, bits, bytes or themes that seem to flow for me.

If I am grinding out some big ring hurt, Rammstein, Metallica, Archenemy, The Angels and Mastodon seem to feature. If i am blithely coasting across a hill/Mountain top or negotiating a way down I find Bach (both JS and CPE), Beethoven and Franz Schubert tend to spring into mind.

Knarly downhill or single track brings forth The Offspring, Bad Religion, Green Day, Dead Kennedys and Rollins Band, sometimes AC/DC and bad brains.

What (when you are not plugged in) flows through your mind when you ride? Do you have moods and movements? Do you even hear music while you ride? What goes through your head in Commute, Attack, endure, outpace mode. Is it music or is it something else?

There is no judgement on the results, I am just interested in seeing who else hears music when they ride and what that music is, and if it changes dependant on ride, bike, mood or terrain.

My overriding bike song is Faith No More’s cover of Lionel Ritchie’s “Easy”. This pops in my head every time I’m threading through traffic in the city or   negotiating a bike lane or cycleway while cars are standing still honking.

What is/are your cycling sound track(s)?

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In Sydney traffic, a lot of the time:


Love it.

Big top LOL!

Very good:-)

This one does it for me on the way to work :~)

It used to be something like this ...

But now I spend a lot of time riding around with the kids it is more like this ...

I know the problem.

This christmas we hit on a compromise.

Look in your local ABC Shop for Rewiggled.

The kids know the songs, but parents enjoy the adult interpretations :~)

Or there's this Wiggles track from Andrew Denton's fabulous Musical Challenge collection:


argh the wiggles!!

Thankfully those days are past for me now, but I've been on long rides where I've had not a whole song, but just two bars of a wiggles song in my head for hours!

This might be more your speed - it's may favourite on Rewiggled.

Unfortunately there is no pretty video.

Spiderbait covering "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear"

BTW, from what I understand from mothers group chatter, Anthony Field (the blue Wiggle) gave heaps of young ladies a bit of a *blush*!

Captain’s Magic Buttons. Gotta love Frenzal Rhomb!


A facebook status made by me not so long ago:


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