I'm planning a tour from Picton to Berry via Southern Highlands and Kangaroo Valley. Think I've got most of it sorted, but just wondered if anyone had any advice about the first bit, from Picton going South.

Is it best to go along Remembrance Drive via Bargo (ie. is this busy and can you avoid the Hume Highway all the way down to Bowral), or has anyone done the quieter route through Buxton and Hill Top?

If anyone's interested in seeing the whole plan it's here: https://connect.garmin.com/course/9856169

I'll do the Picton/Nattai loop via Burragorang on the first day after getting off the train, then stay a night in Picton. Hoping to get to Bundanoon on the second day.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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The Picton>Buxton>Hill Top is preferable to the busier Remembrance Drive although it is hard to find any roads that aren't infested with cars in a hurry and has a better road surface as there are less big trucks.

Use Bridge St from Picton to Thirlmere rather than Thirlmere Way, again less traffic and a better grade. At Colo Vale take the back streets (Pine / Azalea / Drapers Rd) and Drapers takes you almost all the way to Mittagong again avoiding the infestations

Thanks Bill - that's good to know.


The only downside is that it's about 1.5% grade for about a zillion kms.  Otherwise not a bad ride.  The ride to Bundanoon is nice and there's a bike path through Bowral along the creek if you want to take that.  

Cheers. I saw the profile and although long it didn't look too steep. I think the route around Bowral is called the Bong Bong track and looks like a nice break from all the roads.

I assume you have seen the profile at the eastern end out of Kangaroo Valley to Berry? (matching the one in at the western end)

There are a couple of alternatives from Robertson that don't involve a big climb

Yes, so think I'll take the Wattamolla Rd via Woodhill as it looks a tiny bit lower, and although steep, is probably quite a quiet road, and appears to be sealed on Streetview.

I wanted to spend time in Kangaroo Valley and the only other alternative seemed to be to retrace my steps back up to Fitzroy Falls and round to Robertson which I didn't really fancy.

Yes, the Wattamolla Rd is the quietest and most pleasant way out of KV. I rode it earlier this year.

There is a short section of unsealed surface but it was no problem on skinny-tyred road bikes.

The gradients are punishing in a couple of sections but the scenery, wildlife and lack of traffic more than make up for it.

"The gradients are punishing in a couple of sections but the scenery, wildlife and lack of traffic more than make up for it."

Like the Cox's River Road?

No, nothing like that. Thank dog.

The Lynskey made light of it and even my wife, who has for the last few years been unable to get in anything like the miles kilometres that I manage to do every week, cruised up it... on the 24T chainring.

Only looks a short 1k-ish walk with panniers.

I think I walked this bit, but it eases off after a few hundred metres.
429 Wattamolla Rd, Wattamolla NSW 2535

And if anyone asks I rode up it, right? And my panniers weighed like 40kg AT LEAST.


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