I'm planning a tour from Picton to Berry via Southern Highlands and Kangaroo Valley. Think I've got most of it sorted, but just wondered if anyone had any advice about the first bit, from Picton going South.

Is it best to go along Remembrance Drive via Bargo (ie. is this busy and can you avoid the Hume Highway all the way down to Bowral), or has anyone done the quieter route through Buxton and Hill Top?

If anyone's interested in seeing the whole plan it's here: https://connect.garmin.com/course/9856169

I'll do the Picton/Nattai loop via Burragorang on the first day after getting off the train, then stay a night in Picton. Hoping to get to Bundanoon on the second day.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Actually forget Tourist Road - it goes to Macquarie Pass.  You are right Dabba. 

But you can take Nowra Road - I've done that.  Done Sheepwash Road but that was busy as you say.  But it was the last day of a long weekend.  

I was referring to Nowra Rd for the ride between moss vale and fitzroy falls, as it is the only route that doesn't include the illawara highway.

What Bill Parker said Picton>Buxton>Hill Top. I've ridden it on load tours many times. I don't recall it being particularly strenuous.


If time permits, I'd be considering Berry > Gerringong via Beach Rd (probably early in the day on the weekend) > Kiama along the cycleways marked on your Garmin map above.  I've been to Berry, Gerringong and Kiama, and I'd like to visit again.  The Crooked River Rd to Gerroa was not bike friendly and busy with fast traffic when I travelled it a few years ago early in the day mid week.  By getting to Kiama, it gives more flexibility with train services back to Sydeneeeee!  One of SC's members - Omar - is/was down that way so he may be able to fill you in with more info if you contact him.

I rode Kiama to Bomaderry on a mini tour last week.

Kiama to Gerringong is OK on the Highway even though there is lots of traffic, there is a useable edge all the way (except perhaps for about 200m on the road into Gerringong but I think that is posted 60km). It's not terrific going the other way for the climb from the Gerringong turnoff to the lookout but OK otherwise.

There is a cyclepath from Gerringong to Gerroa.

Currently there is a massive Highway upgrade going on between the Gerringong area through to Toolijoola Rd. It's meant to be finished by the end of this month. The turn off to Gerringong is now by an overpass road over the railway. Once this upgrade is complete I'm hoping there might be a usable breakdown lane through to the Toolijoola Rd turnoff.  In that case Toolijoola Rd would then provide a nice country back road into Berry. That way you could avoid Crooked River Road.

You have to be careful on Crooked River Road as it is narrow and high speed. Best avoided if possible in the early morning when the tradies hit it up and then the school mums, even worst on weekends and holidays. However it is only 4km from Gerroa to the Berry turn off onto Beach Road. Beach Road is fine. I road Agars Lane out of Berry and on the back roads around Mt Coolangatta which was very pretty and about 2 cars the whole trip until I hit Bolong Rd.

Thought I'd explore the coast near Berry and Nowra but was going to stop there as I didn't want to have to user the Highway up to Kiama. There aren't too many trains but as long as I plan ahead I should be fine.

I've ridden this section:


and it was idyllic. Dead quiet roads, beautiful rolling ridgelines with views all round. Spectacular.

That looks great. The day from Bundanoon to Kangaroo Valley was quite short so I might even head back up to Bowral and take this long way round to Fitzroy Falls if I feel like a longer ride.

As a result of this discussion, I've added a few more days onto a tour that I'd planned to end in Goulburn in late spring next year.


Hello Jonathan. I don't know if you have started on your tour yet but I did a 3 day credit card tour of the Southern Highlands this week and I can make a few observations about riding in the area.


Picton Rd is horrible until the Hume Highway turnoff. There is plenty of room to ride - either a full breakdown lane or 1 metre+ of verge and I never felt unsafe. However the traffic is intense with many B-doubles and coal trucks. The noise is non-stop.


The road thru Buxton and Hilltop is the way to go. It follows the old Loop railway line. You even get to cross over the deepest rail cutting in Australia.

As advised above go to Thirlmere on Bridge St not Thirlmere Rd. At Thirlmere I took Station St/East Pd to Buxton rather than West Pd which looked a little more busy.

At Colo Vale instead of turning left onto Church Ave you can turn right onto Wattle St then on to Draper Rd. You follow Draper Rd thru to Willow Vale which gets you just outside Mittagong.

From Bowral to Moss Vale there is a 10km off-road SUP called the Bong Bong track which follows the Wingecarribee River. It is a pretty ride and I was the only person on it mid-week. It's not well sign-posted. When you reach the road bridge over the Wingecarribee River just outside Moss Vale you need to ride up the side track to get over the bridge rather than stay on the main track.


I road out of Moss Vale on the Illawarra Highway about 9am on a week day. The traffic wasn't very heavy. I turned off the highway at Walkers Road and did the back roads to Robertson. Hardly a car on these roads and great country scenery.

I went to Kiama down Jamberoo Pass. Again very little traffic on this road. I did have to stop several times down the Pass to let my rims cool down after all the braking.

I used Craigie’s Southern Highland map for the trip.


Thanks for the info, especially the Picton - Moss Vale section. I'm not going for a few weeks.


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