I'm planning a tour from Picton to Berry via Southern Highlands and Kangaroo Valley. Think I've got most of it sorted, but just wondered if anyone had any advice about the first bit, from Picton going South.

Is it best to go along Remembrance Drive via Bargo (ie. is this busy and can you avoid the Hume Highway all the way down to Bowral), or has anyone done the quieter route through Buxton and Hill Top?

If anyone's interested in seeing the whole plan it's here: https://connect.garmin.com/course/9856169

I'll do the Picton/Nattai loop via Burragorang on the first day after getting off the train, then stay a night in Picton. Hoping to get to Bundanoon on the second day.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Looks like it may go through Sydney Water Schedule 1 catchment. ie, no entry, shoot on sight, etc


Wasn't there a plan by Nathan Rees before he became premier to change that - i.e. allow MTBs as well as walking?

That map is pretty hard to comprehend. There are lots of very well-used roads inside the red boundary in the Southern Highlands. No indication that one is banned over another.

Hi Neil, 

Did you ever manage to do this ride? I was hoping to do Campbelltown, Picton, Mermaid pools, Carrington Falls, Kiama and then to Wollongong over a 3 day tour. 


Wanted to see what people thought about Jamberoo and Tourist road.



I rode from Bowral to Kiama last year using the Tourist Road, which is pretty quiet in the section marked on your map, and Jamberoo Pass which carries a lot more traffic now that it is sealed and it has the Illawarra Fly attraction on it. Still, you are generally descending on the Jamberoo Mountain Rd so traffic is slightly less stress-inducing. The gradient is very steep in places necessitation lots of braking which can be a strain on the hands after a while.


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