Has anybody had trouble with speed bumps that have less-than-ideal designs? I was nearing the end of a 50km ride on Sunday when I hit a speed bump on Lavender Street in Lavender Bay. The bump is not flush with the road, and quite steep, and when my front wheel hit it at about 40km/h, the bike stopped dead. I got off very lightly with just the regulation road rash and some pretty intense bruises. I will be, however, writing a letter to North Sydney Council suggesting they change the design. As I see it, that speed bump is a hazard to cyclists.

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Bunny hop them! Or slow down... the idea is to slow traffic including you I expect.


We have trouble with councils removing traffic calming measures, since we then get racing car behaviour which is more dangerous than the speedbumps.

Good technique is to ensure you get your arse off the seat before speed humps. 

This reduces the effective unsprung weight of the bike and allows the bike to easily roll over it, without bucking the rider. 

I'd be surprised if there's a speed hump on any public road in au that would throw you off using this technique. Assuming sensible speeds of course. 

Like these?

Nasty things

Similar shape but apparently made from concrete, cut into the asphalt.

Is this it? Link why wouldn't you ride around it?

Also there is a posted 25kph speed limit so you will have a hard time proving your case since you were going quite fast over it.

the corner area of that speed bump is very dangerous for cyclists.  especially when wet.  have several in Balmain.


They are on my commute but I've never riden over them due to the space on either side of them. I personally dont like the bumps at middle head just before the lookout / fort thingo. Cant be avoided unless you go off road and they are not gentle.

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Is this the culprit?

If that's it, must be said that it looks pretty benign, and easily ridden over or around at the advisory speed of 25kph.

Maybe inattentiveness played a part?


It's annoying, but even cyclists need to slow for speed bumps sometimes!
Gav and Herzog, you're both probably right. I came down the hill (towards the bump linked to by Michael, not the one suggested by Bernard) I was travelling with traffic behind me and can only recall seeing the 50 speed limit sign that is just in front of the 25 limit sign right next to the speed bump. And I probably thought that I could ride over it as I have many speed bumps before.




Here's a better view. Note the 50kmh limit almost five paces in front of the 25km advisory!



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