Speed hump partially missing from exit to Shell servo on Epping Rd

I noticed cars coming out of the exit a bit more quickly then usual from Shell Service Station/Maccas on Epping Rd, just before the Lane Cove River. They have to exit across the bike path, while also waiting to join traffic in Epping Rd, so it a hazardous area for cyclists.

Anyway, there used to be a speed hump, about 3 meters long. But now about 3/4s of it has gone! It's been like this for several weeks. According to the  RTA,  this is a private road. The service station is operated by Coles Express, you can lodge a complaint here: http://www.colesexpress.com.au/about-us/feedback.aspx

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Try this.
The web site compaint form has been broken for the last 3 days! I will have to call instead. Just enough of the speed hump was removed for a car to pass through, so it looks deliberate. Maybe the same person who was pulling out the manhole covers on the cycleway??
And have they fixed those?
Sorry but this one's got me beat. I have reported the plywood cover next to lighting pole LCR1 009 at regular intervals to the RTA. The RTA customer service person usually tries to end the call after I have given the location as "Epping Rd cyclepath". I then have to say "Whoa! don't you want to know exactly where the cover is?". I get the impression the RTA isn't interested. Following this I sometimes get a call from EDI Downer, who have the maintenance contract for this stretch of the cyclepath, asking me to describe where the cover is. An RTA person then calls up asking me to confirm the work has been done, to which I always answer "No". And the game then starts again.

I'm relocating and my commute will no longer include Epping Rd so someone else will have to keep the pressure on them - Good Luck !
If you can, try an ask for an incident or log number, so at least there is some way to track the problem. I rang RTA on Friday, will chase them up if nothing happens within a week. Agree Neil. RTA only understand the R part of there name, cycleways are invisible to them. I can chase up the plywood cover as well as the speed hump.
Good work!
The plywood cover next to LCR1009 has been replaced by a metal one!!! I rang RTA and they put me on to Energy Australia who sent out a man to look, but he identified it as RTA lighting. (when I looked closer there was actually a sign that said RTA lighting on the pole) I hadn't taken it any further than that and now somehow the cover has been replaced.

Still hassling RTA about the speed hump.
Geez, the RTA moves at the speed of a greased snail... or perhaps even slower, say the speed of Victoria Rd traffic! They at least react quickly when the problem can be fobbed off onto a third party like a contractor. I recently complained via their website about a variable message sign placed dangerously -- aren't they all? -- across a footpath and they referred it to a contractor who reasonably quickly fixed the problem. (Not without first making it worse, but that's another story!)

I noted the speed hump still not replaced last Sunday morning and wondered if you were still on the case. Keep fighting the good fight, mate!
Ok, the RTA has identifed this a s private road, which is Shell's resposibility. I have lodge a complaint here http://www.shell.com.au/home/formsRumba/aus/footer/contact_us/email... , a few more might nudge them into action
Righto, I have requested some urgent action.

Let's see if their idea of urgent is similar to the RTA's.
Did you get through Kim?

Perhaps you could request a hazard mitigation until the problem is rectified, such a traffic controller with a lollypop.

You might also ask if the Shell servo is going to be closed, which was rumored a while back.
If ithe website is "broken"* then you can email them directly @ rta@rta.nsw.gov.au.

* I tried submitting my thoughts about the Bobbin Head resurfacing job several times without success. So I then tried sending a "test" - it worked, and I got a reply within a day. Tried sending the Bobbo report again, and it wouldn't work. The cynic in me thinks the back end trolls for key words like "cycl*" and "complain*" before deciding to process the submission or not.


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