Speed hump partially missing from exit to Shell servo on Epping Rd

I noticed cars coming out of the exit a bit more quickly then usual from Shell Service Station/Maccas on Epping Rd, just before the Lane Cove River. They have to exit across the bike path, while also waiting to join traffic in Epping Rd, so it a hazardous area for cyclists.

Anyway, there used to be a speed hump, about 3 meters long. But now about 3/4s of it has gone! It's been like this for several weeks. According to the  RTA,  this is a private road. The service station is operated by Coles Express, you can lodge a complaint here: http://www.colesexpress.com.au/about-us/feedback.aspx

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Great results. Even though I don't use that path, I'd like to say thanks to all those that work to get these things fixed!
Good work everybody! Hopefully that'll be one less scary spot on the cycleway. Now to stop drivers from heading down the bike path...
Great work Russ. Did they ring you in respone to your web based complaint? I sent an email driectly with attached photo, but no reply.

And great news that RTA want to replace the fence. Looks like this place will be much safer soon. Still problems with Cox's Lane, Kimberley Av and Phoenix St.

Thanks again Russ!
Still no change to this site when I rode past yesterday. I did get a call from the Coles Express Retail Area Manager yesterday. Sounds like they operate the site, but Shell owns it and does the repairs. He said he is arranging for them to fix up the damage. A shame it goes so slowly. Take some vandals a few minutes to do the damage and then many months for others to get it fixed.
Yep Paul, I saw this new speed hump on Friday, it was still bolted to the road then. Not sure if it was temporary until a full length one comes in. Both Russ and I have been in touch with Coles Express who have been getting Shell to fix this. I have a incident number for this complaint, so will be folloiwng up on it if it looks like motorists are removing the speed hump. (Also, I did a bit of pruning of branches near the stop sign).
Maybe bond the hump with epoxy, or loktite the bolts, or take the hexagonals off with a welder once installed.

Unbelievable behaviour.

Presume there are now empty boltholes ideal for fitting with threaded spikes ;-)
What would be the idea of that? Sounds like something Magda would say!
I had guessed a skewered Magna would have a traffic calming effect. But a skewered Magda might work even better. Very medieval.

More seriously one of those spike systems that raises and lowers could be a solution, where the driver must press a button to withdraw the spikes. Thereby is forced to honour the stop requirement. Alternatively a boom gate or retractable bollard system.

Since the owners have been made aware of the hazard they might be willing to spend, in order to reduce the potential for litigation when accidents occur.
I don't think those are widely used anymore. The present a danger to everyone.
Rode past today and went in to see the manager. He was aware of the problem, a work crew is coming out today to fix it. The old speed hump came as a long section. This new one is made of several short sections. They are bringing more sections with them.

He wasn't able to expalin why the bolts are scattered all over the road and section of hump off to the side. I can't imagine any workers leaving it in that state, so perhaps an irate motorist decided to undo the partially completed hump.

This is precisely the problem with bolted-on speed humps. The fixings become loose or they get vandalised.

A better solution here would be an asphalt speed hump a bit closer to the SUP, painted with stripes for visibility.

Judging by the top photo, the last panel of metal fencing should also be removed. The retaining wall is less than 800mm high at that point so it is not needed for fall protection.


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