hi all, I'm heading off to Tasmania in 3 weeks. travelling across on the Spirit of Tasmania and would like to know if anyone else has done it. Did you leave your panniers on the bike ? Who and where do they secure it? I travel to Japan every year and use ferries there , they secure your bike really well and leaving everything except money etc; on the bike is nothing to worry about. I'm afraid that I don't place that much trust in the honesty of my fellow aussies. I have trawled the internet for details but find nothing substantial.

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I am very envious...

I don't think you need worry too much about bike security on the trip over and back. Memories are fading but in January 2006 my family and I took the overnight "Spirit" from Devonport to Sydney (the good-old-days when you could). As I, and my wife, vaguely recall, we left most of our panniers on the bikes for the voyage, taking only what we needed on the trip to our cabin. The vehicle decks are locked off during the voyage so random fellow passengers are not free to pilfer your belongings. You tie your own bike to a bulkhead to which the crew will direct you as you board. And you can ride off the ship at each port.


Yep, that was the best ever way to get from Sydney to Tassie.
I crying shame they canned it.

They didn't so much as can it, but sold the boat for a much larger sum then they paid for it, or could possibly make running it. I'm guessing the market that lead to such a sale also lead to buying a new boat out of affordable reach.

I recall when they were running from Sydney, I scoped out the cost. Basically, for the price of a trip from Sydney you could fly to Melbourne, spend the night in a 5-star hotel, have a meal at a nice restaurant, catch the ferry from Melbourne the next day, and have change left over. Could never justify it.

Probably true,

But, doing as I did once, taking a car, boat and camping gear, it was far cheaper and faster than any other way. And more fun.

It was a fantastic experience, and sailing up the NSW coast as the sun came up was really spectacular.

Unfortunately I am a lousy seaman. Had to stand in the gale on the open deck for much of the night sucking in lungfuls of cold, fresh air to overcome nausea induced by the pitching ship. And it was a fairly flat sea... I'd hate to be there in a storm. Sigh.

I remember coming back up the coast - past the heads of Jervis Bay - yes, absolutely spectacular.

We had a bit of a bashing going down, but smooth on the way back up.

We flew down, sailed home. Best of both worlds... more or less.

Have done a few RO/RO vehicular ferry trips in Europe and US. This one was probably the most spectacular, and memorable. Latter prob because most recent, I suppose.

It was at Garden Island a couple of weeks ago....you missed the stowaway chance!

From what I remember, it was at best, a year or two max, when they had sailings from Sydney. The old Empress used to do the run regularly, but that must be 35 or 40 years ago. 

I'd be wary around Port Melbourne, not for thievery, but they love their parking and other restrictions now compared to times past...probably remove a bike from an unauthorised area now under terror threat.


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