Edited. Thanks Yvonne, I had the old budget link. This years is below. There is now about $150 million a year for bike  and walking infra, on page 2, fifth dot point below. They don’t split the amount, so have to assume it is 50/50 between cycling and walking. Dont know if funding for new roads or upgrades will include bicycle facilities. 

Its pretty small beer compared to say the Toll Relief program and overall Transport Budget of $15 billion capital expenditure. 

Safe and Reliable Travel
• $1.6 billion for bus services throughout New South Wales, including regional and metropolitan bus services, school services and funding of new and replacement buses
• $643 million ($3.2 billion over four years) to continue to deliver the More Trains, More Services Program designed to provide increased rail services, more resilient infrastructure and more frequent and additional services on the Illawarra, Airport and South Coast lines
• $385 million over three years to 2021-22 to expand the Toll Relief program from 1 July 2019 to assist with the cost of living. In addition to the existing free registration when drivers spend $25 a week or more on tolls, eligibility will be extended so that drivers spending above $15 a week or more will receive 50 per cent off their motor vehicle registration for one vehicle
• $373 million to improve road safety including a significant increase in investment through the Road Safety Plan 2021 targeting high risk areas with a regional focus
• $57 million ($256 million over four years, taking the total commitment to over $600 million) towards new walking and cycling infrastructure projects across the state to make walking and cycling a more convenient, safer and enjoyable option that benefits everyone
• $32 million ($337 million over four years) for regional road safety and capacity enhancements, including works on the Monaro Highway, Mitchell Highway, Kings Highway, Waterfall Way and flood mitigation works on the Newell Highway
• $29 million ($131 million over four years) for over 14,000 extra weekly bus services from 2019-20 throughout Sydney, Illawarra and the Lower Hunter as well as an additional $68 million over four years to improve bus services across 15 regional towns
• $25 million (as part of a $500 million total commitment) to kick off the Fixing Local Roads program to assist councils with repairing, maintaining and sealing local roads


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Is it under Election Commitments - Transport



Page 18

ƒ $256 million over four years
towards new walking and cycling
infrastructure projects across
the state to make walking and
cycling a more convenient, safer
and enjoyable option that benefits

About 1 Tibby Cotter bridge per year

They have nearly completed the new one 200 metres away

And while the new one is located entirely to service the new tram stop opposite Sydney Boys/Girls High Schools (replacing the previous pedestrian crossing lights, so actually motorists get the main benefit),  the cost will I assume come from the Pedrestian/Cycling budget rather than the Light Rail Project (3 billion), road or perhaps education budgets, so a seemingly large active transport budget ends up really funding the usual few cans of paint


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