A friend shared this old ad on Facebook. Thoughts?

I think it's almost similar to that ad where we're warned to look out for drunk people while driving, but as a whole I would like to see this ad on air again. I'd rather be painted as a hapless moron on the road that everyone should look out for instead of the enemy or hit and run bait.

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awsome ad... would we be able to pool funds  to get this on prime time TV? Or is it someting we can petition Bikensw to do?

How do we go about putting an ad together for TV? Maybe an internet campaign instead?

I like the tone of the ad but maybe with a few tweaks. Particularly the shots of the rider riding in the gutter. But then again, that is a reality so why not include it. Hmmm

maybe a collection of real life examples. Could use recent footage spliced together ie 'jims mowing' the 'limo merge' etc. Could use the 'steer clear of bikes' as a template, and tweak it to make it relevant for Sydney on road conditions.

Might also be called 4 good reasons not to ride in the gutter. Certainly from a bygone age of innocence and lack of special cycling adornments.

For sure, but that would be addressing the cyclist.

That is better than most of the crap advertising we currently see.


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