Stolen beloved mountain bike! asking for help

Hi everyone,

I am a new cyclist in Sydney, I just arrived in February to complete my Masters in Sustainable Development in UNSW.

One the first things I did when I landed, it was to get myself a bicycle to move around so I did.. Unfortunately, last Saturday when I was coming back home from the library I stopped at Westfield in Bondi Junction to buy some groceries at woolys. Within 10min that took to buy the stuff.. my bike was gone!! I could not believe it. It was locked with a kryptonite flexible key lock in Oxford St, in front of the Eastern pub where all the bicycle racks are. The time was 3:30pm, so it was full of people around.

I want to warn you all of not locking your bike in that place unless you got a good u-lock and remove your wheels to make it more difficult to steal. I have been asking around and more people have got their bikes stolen in the same place.

I reported it to the police and westfield security, also asked around the pawn shops in Bondi Junction, other than that I do not know what to do.. I will really appreciate any suggestions or help upon this issue. My bike was a new 2010 model of Merida Matts TFS XC 100, black with white fork and flames and little green details (attached photo). I have not seen other bike like mine so far.. so if anyone has seen one after last saturday I will deeply appreciate any info.

The worst thing it is that I cannot afford to buy a new one. Thus I would also appreciate any suggestion of where to buy a cheap used bicycle or an old one that needs to be fixed.. I used to ride it everyday to uni.

Deep thanks,


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Hi Kylie, thank you very much!

I have already talked to the Westfield security guys about CCTV and they were going to keep the footage for the police. However, as I have been said that other bikes have been stolen at the same spot, it looks like the thieves do not care much about the cameras.

Thanks again!
Did you record the serial number or engrave anything on it?
Hi Mark, thanks for commenting!

Unfortunately I did not record it. I have never had any problem with my bike back home, so despite being so careful with my bike in here, this will make be even more careful for the future.

Nevertheless, the bike had some characteristic features so I would be able to recognize it.
Thank you Paul,

I already went to the shop where I bought it, which is Bike Bar Bondi in Bondi Junction, and I do not think they were so keen on helping with that. They told me that they do not keep the serial numbers and it should be myself to do it, instead they offer me to check other bikes in the shop to buy a new one, which I found it a bit disrespectful, but that is another story.

Btw, I never got the owners manual. Should I?

Thanks again for replying.
Hi Yogi, so it is you... thanks for replying.

I am sorry for after having had my bike stolen at 3pm, having gone to the police to report it, having eaten late lunch and then having run to your shop because the police asked me for the serial number, which I should have recorded myself of course, but I did not think of it. So, I arrived to your shop at 4:40pm and Liam told me to wait around to see what you guys could do for me about the serial number, so I waited and when you were closing up I offered you help to move the stuff but instead you offered me to try another bike in case I wanted to buy it... So, after having waited for more than 20 minutes you only told me that it should have been me that kept the serial number.

Deepest thanks mate.

Just let me know, are you telling me then that you did not help me because I went into the shop before closing time? or was it just me being disrespectful?
I understand that, so in that case you could have just told me to come back the next day. I do not think it was so right to make me wait for 20min to tell me that it should be me to keep the S/N and offer me another bike.

I reckon that we must help each other and not to those who steal others´ bikes.
Just do it!! but you must make sure that you get 2 different locks and take your time to lock every part of the bike to make it more difficult to run away with it.
Hi Richard, thanks for your help! I already about this bikeclub workshop on Mondays. Unfortunately I have got a lecture on Mondays from 5 to 8pm, however I will try to come on the next weeks at late time. I will also check Mitchell Road Auctions.

I know, it sucks like nothing else... I love riding and at the same time it was my only means of transport. It wil take some time to get over it, I am turning at every single bike I see on the street.

Thank you again.
Thank you very much! That is really kind from you.

I tried to message you but I cannot until we become friends in here.
How did they cut throught the kryptonite cable? I thought those things were almost indestructible?
depends on which model , but most cable locks are easily bolt-cuttered. Kyrptonite dont have the best reputation anyway after the bic pen incident. I use two small d-lock, reomving wheels etc is a drag.

I hope you do get you bike back, but if it does turn up in a pawn shop the police will hold onto for a while, leaving you bikeless for longer.
Thank you! I will be happy to wait as long as I can get my bike back...

Btw, should we all cyclist use u-locks then? are they much better?


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