Stolen bike (from Bondi) and found bike (Newtown)

Nick's valuable prototype e-bike, very distinctive, was stolen from Bondi.  White, front and back racks, 20"wheels, Emax Bicicasa.  Please look out for it. More info:

Also, I found a Merida bike in Camperdown Memorial Park which looks like it was valuable to someone - custom rack/holder, disk brakes, wheel lock, stickers.  Maybe a thief stole it not realising they wouldn't be able to defeat the wheel lock.  I've handed it in at Newtown Police Station, if you know anyone it could belong to, please see Newtown police.

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That's a very distinctive bike. Hard to imagine that it won't be identified by someone in the future. As I live in Bondi, are you able to inform others under what conditions it was stolen? Please.

The info is on the link- 11pm, stolen from apartment garage.
I think I'd keep one of those in the apartment.

e-bikes are generally pretty heavy to lug into an apartment.

ideally it should be setup so the e-system cannot operate without the appropriate removable head unit. (like the Bosch or Yamaha systems ) 

At least that leaves the thief with one expensive and heavy bike.

Plus an integrated wheel lock  works perfectly with the bike weight.

Thanks Bob. I was just wondering whether the bike itself was targeted or was part of a random garage break-in loss along with other valuables.


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