Hi Cyclists,


Stolen bike details - Giant Alias, 2009 model, flourescent green and black.

Non standard specs - special smooth fat road tires, fitted carry tray at back, 2 black drink holders down middle, fitted bike pump down side, fitting for headlight slot on handlebars.


I desperately need my bike back and now willing to pay $500 if someone finds it or knows where I can find it.  No police or questions asked.

Please call me asap if you know anything.


Picture attached.


Call Karyn


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Hi Karyn,

Have you reported it to the Police? We found a bike yesterday in Paddington (sadly not yours) and are trying to find the owner but so far with no luck. We've reported it to the Police as well but it would be good if all thefts are reported so they know a wave of bike crime seems to be happening.

Hope you find your bike, will keep an eye out for it.
Yes the police know Susan. Actually I am trying to get them to investigate people in this building as someone here will know something. I have interviewed a few of them myself but some won't answer their doors.

Thanks for any help.
That's terrible that it may be someone within your building, hope the Police come help and that you get your bike back.
It may be worth adding a little detail that uniquely identifies it as your bike (any non-standard kit you've fitted, scratches or other marks, frame number etc), there may be a few similar bikes around and people may be reluctant to follow up if they're not sure it's yours.

Hope this helps and good luck finding it.
thank you, I updated the description.

Thank you for your help Clare.
Hey Karyn, sorry to hear about your bike.

I know this is a bit late but I found a product called Datadot, which I've invisibly plastered all over my bike. The Datadot contains a unique reference number that can be tracked by the Police - if the thieves file off your frame number. You also get a big deterent sticker, that warns would-be thieves that your bike is tagged.

It may not stop your bike from being stolen by a determined thief, but if all other things are equal and your bike is next to one that doesn't have the Datadots deterrent sticker; then I would argue they'd go for the one without this visible warning? Hope you retrieve it soon.

Spotted a fluro green Giant being ridden outside my office yesterday afternoon (corner of Pitt and King streets). The rider didn't look like a bike thief, if there is such a look, but a newbie wobbling along the footpath. He was still in his office clothes, I think. Now you've posted a more detailed description, I'll keep an eye out and pay a bit more attention to his bike.
The reason I asked for more details from you was to rule out the green Giant Alias which I spotted in the basement of my office. Sadly, I have to confirm it is not yours. Nobbly tyres, different pedals from those in your photo, 2XL size, no pump attached (nor any tell-tale sign of one having been removed) and headlights fitted and in place.
thanks Timothy - who knows where the person purchased the bike from......if you could ask that would be great


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