Unfortunately my Cannondale mountain bike was stolen from my garage in Summer Hill last night. The bike is quite unique, so hopefully will stand out like a sore thumb should it pop up anywhere. If anyone sees it out and about or for sale please let me know. 

2008 Cannondale Rush 4 SL

White colour

Recently converted to 650B, so has bigger wheels and a new 650B Lefty - very unique fit-out

Recently converted to 1 x 11 drivetrain - Shimano SLX

I am also going to report it to the Police and dig out the serial number.

The new lefty is the most expensive part of the bike, the rest of it is sentimental value, and obviously replacement value. 


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Suggest you log it with Stolen Bicycles Australia - police are referencing this site quite a lot these days.

Also, keep an eye out in local secondhand stores, eBay and Gumtree. Have you reported it to Police? Licensed secondhand dealers are required to connect their stock database directly with Police and quite often bikes will be found through that method. You need a serial number.

Hope this helps.



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