Size: L, Bought from WoolysWheels, 30/09/2012:

I was fresh and new, same as on picture there.

I left it in "secure" parking (368 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000) 28/11/2012, was foolish enough to lock only front wheel (usually lock properly, but this day was not my lucky one). And unfortunately parking door was broken and opened the whole day.

And now I have only my front wheel with me. Someone took non-locked front wheel (smaller then mine , hehe) of another bicycle and on this ugly hybrid rode away.

I really miss it now, it was so cool. Boulder 29er is very fresh model, I did not see a one around for past 2 months. So if you accidentally see it somewhere (note non-native, smaller front wheel and/or serial: C72F5418), you can call a police (or me 0450264801). They are aware of this case and have footages from parking cams.

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