Last night we came home to find my husband's black Giant Cypress 3 Men's bike had been stolen. Our garage door lock in Carlton was jimmied.

It's a really low act as he has MS and with his extreme difficulty in walking, the bicycle was his main means of local transport.

If anyone has any information, can you please contact Kogarah police.


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So sorry to hear that. I'll keep a look out on Gumtree and eBat for you. Any distinctive features? Stickers, etc?

Hi Kimberley...that's so nice of you, thank you. Well, it has a topeak rack on the back, and a Schwinn gel comfort saddle instead of the Giant one. That's about it really.

Haven't seen anything over the last few days I am afraid, sorry about that.

No, me either Kimberley. I keep hoping, but nothing. :(

Really sorry to hear that!  I live in Allawah..  so if I spot it I will let you know!   

That's lovely, thank you Electra.

Will keep an eye out down on the Botany foreshore too. A lot of St George area bikes tend to get ridden / even tried to be sold down there. Have let a few of my fellow riders down here know too.

Thank you Andrew. Much appreciated.

I will watch out on Ebay also, I have a Giant transcend very nice bikes sorry again to here of your loss

Thanks Poolio. Yes, my husband loves his bike very much.

Just a quick update to this story. We never did find my husband's bike. However, it's not an entirely sad ending. Within that week, I placed an innocuous post on the Giant Bicycles Australia facebook page, explaining about my husband's multiple sclerosis and that his "wheels" had been stolen. I asked if everyone on the page could keep an eye out for it if they were in the area and to contact Kogarah Police if so. Later that day I received an email from the head honcho at Giant Bicycles Australia asking if I could give their brand manager a call. So, I did the next day. To my amazement, they offered to replace my husband's bike, along with all the other accessories that had been attached; helmet, chain/lock, lights, rack, rack bag etc etc etc. They essentially said that he could have anything he wanted, which meant if $10000 road bike if he'd liked! UNBELIEVABLE GENEROSITY. They just wanted to "get him back riding" so that he could cope better with his Multiple Sclerosis. So kind. We went into MC Cyclery, the Giant Superstore in Kent Street in Sydney, where he settled for a replacement on his men's cypress which in itself is a beautiful bike along with the accessories. He was also given lifetime servicing. Anyway, he's extremely happy and while we loved our Giants before, we are now both entirely devoted to Giant bicycles for the generosity, their wonderful bikes and their incredible spirit. We've also secured our garage so that it's impossible for anyone to break in again. Hooray!

Good to hear that and it`s a happy ending story. Best of luck to your husband. :)


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