Stolen: Scott Speedster 20 - please share on facebook etc

Hi all,

Firstly thanks to all the regular users of this forum, I have learnt much from reading your posts over the years. No doubt you have all saved me considerable time and money. Sadly the theft of my bike has been the catalyst for me to sign up and make my first post.

My 2010 Scott Speedster 20 was stolen last night in Surry Hills. The thief smashed my car window and took the bike from my car, which was parked inside our secure parking lot. 

Sadly I did not record the serial number and the bike shop did not record it when I bought the bike 3 years ago. I have reported it with police, posted to facebook etc, set up saved searches on ebay and gumtree as well as registering on CA's website as stolen.

Given the silver frame and white rims are quite distinctive, I thought I might as well post everywhere I can on the chance it gets spotted. I have recently put black grip tape on the bars, which along with the white bottle cages distinguish it from a completely stock S20.

If anyone has the time to post and share with their own networks on facebook etc (with post visibility set to public), I would be most appreciative. I have attached an image that is ready to share.

I've actually been injured, and this morning I got up to return to ride with my club for the first time in literally months. I am so gutted.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give in spreading the word.

Any information leading to the bike's return will be handsomely rewarded. Please contact Chris on 0409 370 193.

Thanks again.

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Major bummer. I feel your pain. It is the same sort of bike  as I am riding in my profile pic (my frame is white, though). I'll keep my eyes peeled for yours.

BTW, what groupset does your bike have?

Hi Neil, thanks for your reply. It's Ultegra at the back and 105 up front and on the levers. The black grips distinguish it from a stocky.

I just had it professionally fit and was recovering from injury. I was just starting to get a bit of form back too, so was getting out 5 times a week and really loving the new fit - which makes it particularly frustrating. But I suppose there's never a good time.

Thanks again,


Sorry to hear of your loss. Will keep an eye out in the city and east.

Thanks Kimberly, appreciate it. I think this has been as much about the grieving process as it is about trying to get the bike back!


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