I just heard that the well-known Sydney cycling advocate and researcher Dr Chris Rissel had his bike stolen from in front of a shop in Ashfield last Thursday night (11 June). The bike is a Vivente World Randonneur seen here in this photo from a recent SMH article.

The bike is a dark maroon colour and a 54cm size frame. If you see a bike of similar description that looks like it may have been stolen (for sale 2nd hand or on the web,) please contact Chris.

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Thanks Adrian - I'm really missing the bike! You can call me on 0418 417 291 if you see it anywhere.
That is awful - will keep my eyes peeled. There aren't a massive number out there so there may be a good chance that it can be spotted in the pawn shops or online.
Hate bike thieves. Makes me feeling like doing the full Yehuda Moon:

Have you checked *that* shop ?
Did you get it back yet?
I saw something like it yesterday afternoon, in the back of a ute heading south on pitt at the cnr of Hay.

The ute was a go get rental ute, silver with a tray back. Rego SYE166.

Sorry I didn't post last night - it slipped my mind with various things going on at home and such an exciting tour stage.
Thanks for the post - I'm not quite sure how best to follow-up? Does one ring the police - will they check it out?
maybe ring go get rentals


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