Just an idea but given that every cyclist is a mobile billboard perhaps there is scope for a campaign whereby we display the words "Stop Killing Cyclists" whether on a jersey or patch or whatever. If the campaign got any traction we could abbreviate it to SKC or some such. Plenty of scope there for graphic designers and perhaps a little more direct than (with respect) "A Metre Matters".
Confronting but food for thought?

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just don't mention the war*...


(*as told by Mark Textor Chairman, Amy Gillett Foundation this morn on radio national)

Yes confronting but similar to the campaign in The Netherlands in the 1970 to stop the killing of kids on the road - Kinder murder I think it was call. Sometime confronting can be effective and as such not abbreviating it to an acronym would keep it more human more personal and maybe, more real for the everyday drivers. 

I would wear a patch, tshirt or jersey with such a logo and would also get my kids to wear one. Maybe there could be a “Stop killing kids” version. I would also give out such patches at work and in the coffee houses around the CBD. 

In London there is currently an active social media group with exactly this name https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopkillingcyclists/

very interesting link.

Stop Killing Cyclists, Stop Murdering Cyclists? - these are crimes afterall as far as I'm concerned.

Using a 1000kg+ weapon to intimidate/hit someone exhibits, to me, far more intent to maim/kill then the current 'http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/safersydney campaign seeks to address.


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