Hello Dear members,

I rent an apartment in Strathfield and have been using the car park allocated to my unit to park the bicycle. I have been using the series of water pipes that feed into the fire hose to lock my bike against it as there is no safe bike storage provided in the underground parking.

Recently I have been made aware of strata by-laws (I haven't seen the by-laws) by the building manager and have been notified that I am in breach of these by-laws as the parking spot can be only used to park cars and/or motor cycles. Bicycles should not be parked in car spots.

When I spoke to the building manager, she recommends storing the bike in the apartment. My current bike usage is around 7 rides per week and  from my past experience, this leaves traces of dirt right from lift , common areas in the apartment and across my living room and kitchen as I have to cross them to store the bike in the balcony.

Has any of you come across similar situation? What options do I have in this instance and how do I proceed further.

Appreciate, taking time to read this post and helping out with options.



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Recommend to the Building Manager  and the committee by way of written request  that Secure Bicycle  parking be provided, until then,  keep doing what you are doing. Strata laws are virtually impossible to be acted upon in my experience.

Thanks ShaneA

WTF! seriously? I don't think they can tell you what you can park in YOUR parking spot, it's different if you are parking on common property or a visitor spot.

She could only ping you for tying your bike to the pipes.

Ask her for a copy of the by-law section to back up her claim, otherwise she is just being a busy body and probably hasn't even read the by-laws.

There only a few model bylaws, you can Google them and have a look through. 

Back in the day many decades ago when I did have a car, I got a letter from the Managing Agent demanding I not use my parking spot because the tenant of the unit above claimed there was a security Risk concerning someone climbing on my Vehicle and gaining entry via the balcony.

Off Course I wrote an official f off at once.

Quelle surprise. The lovely Lady felt entitled to my spot as it was under their Apartment. Boyfriend's car HAD to be parked there. I cannot imagine how much Damage I did dragging the piece of shit Subaru out with a truck and snatch strap. And ramming it at every one of the 10 or so turns needed to get it out.

People can be so territorial About something that isn't theirs.

Thanks Scientia for sharing your story. Yes we live in a different world where people just follow what is in rule book and hardly think what can be done to make it better.

Thanks Bernard. Yes I am going to request a copy of by-law as see what is in it.

model by laws 


section 2 may be relevant, dont need permission to install locking devices on your lot. So could put in a bicycle rail of some description or a locking ring.

Thanks, Bob! Appreciate it

Ask for a copy of the by-laws, you can not be expected to comply unless you have a copy of the by-laws

Confirm the wording in regard to what can go in the parking space, often strata by-laws will have exclusions to prevent storage of furniture etc in a parking space. if the by-law says "vehicle" then point our that a bicycle is a vehicle as defined in state road regulations

They might still object to securing a bicycle to fire hose pipes as this could cause problems regarding fire access regulations

If it is convenient for you to store the bicycle in your unit and they have told you to do this then any dirt in common areas is no more your problem than people having dirty shoes etc.

Often people with more than one vehicle will try to use spaces of units that are not being otherwise used so they may be upset that it is "wasted" to park just a bicycle.

We are very backward regarding active transport here.

Thanks BIll. Yes I will request for a copy of by-laws. Yes I may be in trouble for securing the bike to the fire hose pipes. Working on how to secure without going anywhere near the fire hoses. There is building pillar between my parking spot and adjacent spot which is very wide. may have to find a very wide chain to secure the bike.

This basement parking has around 20 visitor parking out of which 10% are remain unoccupied. I did throw an idea to the building manager to use on of those parking spot and convert that to a secure bike park.However there is cost associated and I am not sure it would get any support from the strata members (mainly investors)Historically they did have issue of lots of kids and recreational bike secured to railing in common area in the parking lot. Sometime back they were successful in getting those bikes removed. When i spoke to one of those owners , they said they just move the bike into the apartment. 

I do suspect that some do sublet the vacant parking spot during week based on the cars that appear during business hours and vanish at the end of the day/weekend.

Yeh, Starthfield is ideally suited for active mode of transport as its just 11-13km from the city and closer proximity to SOP , Parramatta cycle path and cooks river cycle path. Just need more support from all the old and new high rise to encourage people to take this more often.

Thanks, Ben! Appreciate it

Worst case solution; you buy an unregistered Sedan, van or wagon for Peanuts and park it in your space.

You can fit a bike rack on it, or store your bike inside it.


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