Hello Dear members,

I rent an apartment in Strathfield and have been using the car park allocated to my unit to park the bicycle. I have been using the series of water pipes that feed into the fire hose to lock my bike against it as there is no safe bike storage provided in the underground parking.

Recently I have been made aware of strata by-laws (I haven't seen the by-laws) by the building manager and have been notified that I am in breach of these by-laws as the parking spot can be only used to park cars and/or motor cycles. Bicycles should not be parked in car spots.

When I spoke to the building manager, she recommends storing the bike in the apartment. My current bike usage is around 7 rides per week and  from my past experience, this leaves traces of dirt right from lift , common areas in the apartment and across my living room and kitchen as I have to cross them to store the bike in the balcony.

Has any of you come across similar situation? What options do I have in this instance and how do I proceed further.

Appreciate, taking time to read this post and helping out with options.



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It appears Strata rules are wildly out of date in regard to bicycle parking. Maybe you should raise this with your local member and get the ball rolling to provide better legislation.


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