Anyone here on Strava ?

Jack from Melbourne Cyclist set up a MC Strava club, and a group on the site. Awesome idea! Then he suggested I set up a Brisbane one as well to get some state based rivalry in. I couldn't let Sydney miss out on that sort of opportunity now could I ?

So, I present to you, the Sydney Cyclist Strava group! Join up if you're using Strava, and anyone who wants to easily see what your fellow SCers are up to can get the quick summary on this page (found in the nav bar!)

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Besides, it's data miningaaaaargh!!! The men in shades and black suits who track your every move will be waiting for you at the top, just as you finally place top three in your age group up some 50m climb segment that's been given the name "Galibier" ... 

Ok, I've joined, lets see where this goes. Actually seems appropriate as I have just bought a new Cervelo RS frameset on friday and had my first two rides on it this weekend.

I've been using Strava for a few weeks now and have managed to transfer a whole years worth of ride data from Garmin Connect to Strava.

I'm happy to come last, will join the group in the coming days. Who knows maybe the 2nd last person would like to be my ride buddy.

Ok, joined the group.

Note: I do not track my commutes. It takes too long for the garmin 500 to find the satellites when I come out of the building. I just want to get going. 

I had a similar problem - you could try turning it on and leave it on the window ledge 5-10 minutes before you leave, as long as you have access to a window ledge and don't work in a high-rise canyon.

Thanks Si. I have the same problem when I leave home in the morning. I live in a low-rise canyon. I switch on the garmin, roll out of that garage and wait ... and wait ... and wait ... and grrr. 

Odds are that if I put it on the window ledge at work I'd forget it. And, yes, I do work in a high rise canyon.

Leave something like your bike lock keys with it - then it's impossible to leave without it. You'll only need to get down to the basement bike locker a couple of times without your keys and you'll never forget again...

bike lock? My bike is parked next to my desk. :D

You can't be too secure.

Attach said computer to bike, turn on computer, leave bike with computer next to window!

Not sure how to update the distance when the gps fails to start on time (?)

You can do it in endomondo.

I don't bother for my commutes. I just turn it on, hit start and ride. The speed/cadence sensor will track the time/distance etc until the GPS gets a signal.


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