Anyone here on Strava ?

Jack from Melbourne Cyclist set up a MC Strava club, and a group on the site. Awesome idea! Then he suggested I set up a Brisbane one as well to get some state based rivalry in. I couldn't let Sydney miss out on that sort of opportunity now could I ?

So, I present to you, the Sydney Cyclist Strava group! Join up if you're using Strava, and anyone who wants to easily see what your fellow SCers are up to can get the quick summary on this page (found in the nav bar!)

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Damian, no. This is madness.
Much if not most of the banter on Sydney Cyclist is based around the concept that you can talk the talk on this website and no one needs to know whether or not you can, er, pedal the pedal.
So, if I mention that I went on an epic ride yesterday, how is it going to help if people here can find out that all I managed was an 18k flip round Middle Head with a pissy "suffer score" of 65??
How can I mouth off on all matters cycling, sounding like a grizzled veteran stager, when others can tell I only did a lousy 65km a week for the past month?
For all that is sacred about Internet forum self-aggrandisement, this idea must be terminated at once!

the beauty of Strava is that you can hide all the embarrassing little rides and only upload the ones you want to shout to the world.

Of course, you can choose to upload every commute and strive for the KOM over the Anzac bridge (which is owned by a good friend of mine...heh) or win on Wilson st

you mean there are some people on this website who actually ride more than they write?

No way Jose! No more feeding Big Brother I say!

(of course the real fear is if Strava steals my private info and links in my spending habits at Wiggle, Ribble, PBK, Evans, Cycling Express, Torpedo 7, Cell Bikes et al to check if I spend more than I spin....)

And worse ... many people sign up to Strata with their real names, not some zany interweb forum moniker. How will it be to have one's secret identity snatched away from one (unless, as in my case, it was already snatched away by Neil, er, "Alexander" years ago ...)

The disappointment to find out that baa baa is actually Bert Bloggs.

Ferdinand Artichoke is in fact Frederick Arthurson ... Bennelong Bicyclist was christened Helmut Helmutsson ...  etc ...

I was provoked.

You're just lucky the Ning police didn't bail you up.

The disappointment to find out that baa baa is actually Bert Bloggs

Mr Oh, you can now find me on Strava as bert bloggs (once I work out how to use it..Anyone get it to work ok on a 'roid phone?)

No I am not BB29er (only the one log in here) Ok, yes I do like 29ers but "that" comment was not quite my style. Well I hope its not. 

If that style is a rep of 29er peer I am tending to less like them more as I keyboard this.

Also, if anyone wants to join up, they shouldn't just create an account ...

they should first send their email address to mikeor (at) hotmail (dot) com. 

Then I will send them an invite, and when they join, I get three months' free membership if they sign up for a premium account. Cheers!!

I'm with Michael O on this one. How can my accurate ride data ever match my actual Internet ride stories?

Besides, it's data miningaaaaargh!!! The men in shades and black suits who track your every move will be waiting for you at the top, just as you finally place top three in your age group up some 50m climb segment that's been given the name "Galibier" ... 


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