Anyone here on Strava ?

Jack from Melbourne Cyclist set up a MC Strava club, and a group on the site. Awesome idea! Then he suggested I set up a Brisbane one as well to get some state based rivalry in. I couldn't let Sydney miss out on that sort of opportunity now could I ?

So, I present to you, the Sydney Cyclist Strava group! Join up if you're using Strava, and anyone who wants to easily see what your fellow SCers are up to can get the quick summary on this page (found in the nav bar!)

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I came last in Feb.....right, March is my month, where's that Rocky soundtrack.

Just uploaded the data from tonight's commute home, and looking at my achievements, I think I might be a cycling hoon. At least it looks that way from the data. I didn't feel I was going at all fast until I hit airport drive and Riverina Park but I hit 4 PR's - 3 on cycleways. And they look even more damning when compared to other SC riders. I admit I had a healthy tail wind and someone was riding on my wheel for most of the way, but still I feel a little guilty, and a little proud.

Well this is rather depressing.

Left my Garmin 705 in the shower room on the 1 day I rode in early.

(if I rode in late as I'm inclined to do, I would have probably gotten back to the shower room before someone had a present)

Lost my stats for the ride. AND and I had only been uploading to Strava but not Garmin Connect for the last month or so.


Downloading Strava for the smartphone for the ride back later.

Question : Garmin 500 or 800 next?


Returned courtesy of a motorbike rider!

Woooo!I Saved 1x ride statistics and a month worth of Garmin connect uploads!

Strava is very cool. I'm pretty religious in uploading data. A lot of the pros are using it and posting data. Once you build up a bit of a record a Strava rep in your area will friend you up and send you his or her rides and suggestions for new courses.  

Check out Taylor Phinney from team BMC. BMC base themselves in near Florence and send a lot of interesting stuff. After Gerrans from Greenedge won the Milano - San Remo the other day Phinney posted his own MSR data. It's awesome:


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