Straw poll: Who pays a rental for the bike rack park in the building they work in?

Being asked to pay so just wondering how normal this is?

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Yup Thats the plan


Plus complain everytime I see a delivery trolley in the foyer as well.

@BikeSaint - that's my next course of action-  cover my shoes in mud and wander through

And do they make people remove their shoes at the door when it's raining, or are people leaving muddy footprints?

Yep. Bike tyres are no dirtier than the soles of peoples shoes.

A furry roller...


"the roller furby"

Yeah, just longer (about 700mm!) for the utopian bike park!

I also don't pay for a secure swipe card access only bike cage and showers. I wouldn't expect to pay.

Looking forward to any updates on your situation.


Now they have emailed saying the rules were changed so that the only way you can bring a bike to the building is to either park it outside or pay the $$$

no explanation as to why the building management decided that bikes were no longer allowed in the foyer or the lifts but clearly the shift was revenue focused  


$35 per month for secure bike storage doesn't seem too bad. Sure it would be better if it was free, but they are a business and not your employer (I'm guessing you just rent office space from them), so they have no real incentive to offer you free facilities or benefits. But, they do have an incentive to make their office space attractive to other tenants and I'm guessing that wheeling bikes through their reception and into passenger lifts wouldn't dovetail with this.

How many car spaces do they have and how much do they charge for them? The City Of Sydney site has information about bicycle parking facil... - seems like 1 bicycle space per 10 car spaces is the requirement. If they are profiteering from bicycle spaces or not offering enough then the City Of Sydney may take a dim view, but I can't imagine that going down that path would help you at all.

Maybe somewhere close by offers more competitive parking facilities? (Sorry to be devil's advocate but I can understand their position. Personally I take my bike into my office using a carpark lift and the building security only asked once - don't think they wanted the hassle to ever ask again :).

$90 a year to park your bike in the basement of a NAB Building in North Sydney. So I park underneath the Berry Square shopping centre directly beneath Officeworks, there are a couple of racks there for free. My bike is usually the only one parked there. At least its public bike parking out of the weather.


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