Straw poll: Who pays a rental for the bike rack park in the building they work in?

Being asked to pay so just wondering how normal this is?

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Bros Kylie, bros.
Will also accept cuz; cuzzie bro; brides from anudda mudda
Will also accept cuz; cuzzie bro; brudda from anudda mudda or one of the whanau

Free for access to underground caged area - no doors on the cage or locks.

But after a couple of vandal attacks on bikes, one of the resident companies is currently forking out for a security guard 8am to 6pm!  I had my tyres let down and lights nicked.

I'm told the MD of that company had his new FELT damaged.  It was one of his own employees.  A guy who drove a Nissan Parol with raised suspension and a big bull bar.  He was always ready with an Alan Jones quote about cyclists.

Apparently, he didn't know it was his boss's bike.

Hope they don't fire him, or else he'll probably have a ready excuse / legal discount when he kills/maims a cyclist.

I don't pay

I don't pay for the parking in a storage room in the underground parking with security key access, nor do I pay for the showers.  In the 7 workplaces I've cycle commuted to, I've never had to pay for bike parking or showers, though in one of them I did need to take my bike up into the office with me every day.

Free for the cage, I'd be willing to pay if we get a new, additional, better cage, but only proportionate to what they charge for car parking. At 10 bikes per car space I'd be very happy to pay $1/wk. I also have a locker and shower access.


Mind you I do pay for secure bike parking in Parramatta that I rarely use but  is good to have, particularly if I decide to leave the bike there overnight.

So the building management have decided to escalate. In their quest for cash, they are now saying that I cannot wheel my bike through the foyer to bring it in the office. So if you want to ride to work then you have to pay for the bike park ($35 plus GST per month). But there are only 5 for a start.


Apparently the concern is muddy bike tracks. So now I have decided this is war. I am spoiling for this fight. I have checked the lease. No provision for "no bikes" and not even a clause saying they can vary the terms and conditions with a notice period.

They want their $ or you can not ride to this building - Christie Corporate at 3 Spring Street. So if you are a prospective serviced office tenant with Chrisitie and you want to cycle to work. you might want to check for the invisible rules. 


Watch this space

They're just being arseholes IMHO.  Just trying to get every last buck out of paying tenants.

The building I work in provides a secure cage in an already secure basement carpark.  Access is by security swipe, has to be applied for and will be revoked if not used for a 2 month period.  There are showers and day lockers available in a secure locker room, and 3 or 4 locker rooms in various parts of the building.  All for free.  They realise that cyclists are happier/healthier, more productive and take fewer sick days, so it pays back in the long run.  

There are also pretty numerous good bike racks around the outside of the building.

"the concern is muddy bike tracks"

Do they allow wheelchairs to bring in muddy tracks? or are they banned too?


easy way around that, just carry your bike through the foyer.


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