Straw poll: Who pays a rental for the bike rack park in the building they work in?

Being asked to pay so just wondering how normal this is?

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Sorry meant to add -> it is inside a garage requiring key access, so I am excluding the free available ones on the "street"

I don't know anyone who does, its all about being green these days.

I don't pay, my wife doesn't pay, my brother doesn't pay (and that's 3 different workplaces)


btw how much are they asking?

35 per month plus GST

Maybe chase it up with the council (CoS?)

Parramatta secure parking is $20/month See :


If it's secure, it seems fair enough.

Also do you have non-secure options if you need them?


For alternative secure parking, CityRail (not all stations)  for example, hires out their green lockers for $50 for 3 Months ->


Or even better, if you are near Goulburn Street Parking Station, in the city for a $20 deposit you get free secure parking. See :



oh and to answer your question, I don't pay for my parking that is in the office basement, but it's just a rack.


I don't pay... but the bike parking for my large hospital consists of two loops covered in pigeon $#!t near the industrial bins... If they made me pay, I'd drive.

I don't.

Nup. And if we did, I'd ask that drivers paid the same. It costs $1800 to rent out undercover (as in they have a roof over them, not as in covert agent) car parks; we took two of them out to create a secure bike cage that could accommodate ~20 bikes. So charge me $90 p.a. if you must.

Sounds like the exception rather than the rule. Press them and ask them why they are taking such a backward step, most businesses would be placing incentives for those wishing to be green/healthy. A bit like Novartis...

i don't pay, and i wouldn't

i'd bring the bike in if need be. Did that before due no secure parking and kept it up until we got a cage

this is ridiculous.....i havent had to pay at my last 2 work's about happy staff....they should pay you for riding in....

Bike parking is free and provided by my employer along with showers and changerooms. I assume, like Paul, that this is part of the tenants agreement with the building owners. I think it helped that my company owned the building when they moved into it, and were the only tenant when they sold it.

At my previous job, we had no bike parking, but as with my current office there is a hotel and the car park is run by a privately owned firm. A couple of us used to lock our bikes out the front of the building. Just before I changed jobs, one of hotel managers saw me locking my bike up, and asked if he arranged an alternate spot in the parking garage, would we consider not leaving the bikes out the front. His boss didn't like the bikes out the front of the hotel. Never got to see if he followed through with his offer.

Thanks to all for the replies. The building is a serviced set of offices, so the access to the garage is controlled so it is nice and secure and they have 4 hanging bike racks for which the pricely sum of $35 plus GST per month for the "luxury" of being green.

What started this was they supply a shower on the ground floor, but if that is busy you can go to reception and get the lift pass to the garage which also has a shower. I asked for access to the shower in the garage as sometimes the ground floor is busy and there is no one at reception till 8:30.

I was told only the cyclists who have a rack are allowed to use the garage shower and if wanted to get a bike park then I can use the shower down there (but if I wait till 8:30 I get the pass from reception for free! -bizarre) logic

So on one hand they proivde a shower for free but charge (by accounts of the feedback here) quite a considerable sum.


oh and kia kaha (cant take credit for the name - mate of mine thought it up so added the UK bit as I was living in London at the time -> so he has the original enzeder!)


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