So, loaded up, it survived the Rallarwegen in Norway, the Brecon Beacons trail in Wales, a quarter-loop of Sri Lanka etc etc...

But during an unloaded trip down a Sydney share bike path, my 36-spoke Shimano Deore XT hub let go.

Is it a case of entropy, and I should just replace with same item and roll on?

Or, does anyone got a suggestion for a stronger hub (within reason, none of that Chris Kringle cultic stuff OK? 

Meanwhile I think they should pay me for stress testing stuff. At least it didn't let go in aforementioned places, but don't want it happening on future adventures. 

cheers M

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My goodness!

I shall await with interest to read the expert advice regarding the world's strongest hub, but in the meantime, can you tell us what those spokes are? For surely, they are the world's strongest spokes!

For strength I think you want a forged hub - so yes to Shimano stuff, but no to Chris King and many other smaller, fashionable manufacturers who CNC machine their hubs.

With Shimano, also check for the highest level group with steel rather than aluminium axles and/or titanium free hub bodies. For road groups, thats 105, but not sure for MTB. 

For that kind of break, spoke angles are relevant, but you're probably likely to use a traditional 3x so probably nothing to worry about.

FYI I'm not a bike engineer and will gladly stand corrected by others with more knowledge.

You can go 4x on a 36 hole hub to get the spokes truly tangential, this may help. I'm still surprised to see a shimano hub flange fail like that though.

Yep 4x makes a strong wheel. We had 48 hole 4x on one of our tandems and they didn't budge under an AUW of around 220kgs. IIRC Michael had spoke problems a year or so ago. Perhaps his torque or AUW of him and touring bike with panniers might be a problem. I have 36h XT disk hubs built up with 3x spoking on my tourer and my AUW when touring is around 120-130kgs, but I spin rather than load up my cranks. Not had any problems with them but my touring distance is <5,000k's on this bike so far.

Your very good at breaking wheels.  Why don't you talk to a knowledgeable tamdem rider with a lot of wheel experience, ie Geoffs.  Eleri knows him

Geoff I know. First time I ever took one of Geoff's tandems out for a spin it had an explosive front wheel flat. Maybe it was the weight mismatch cos I had some Welsh leprechaun on the back. 

So much stuff breaks around you, Mr O'.

Have you considered the possibility that the problem is YOU and not the equipment?

Problems of a non-standard rider.


There is a chance, slim, of course, that the spokes were over-tightened in that wheel.

Maybe it was the weight mismatch

All the weight up the front, all the power down the back.

OR that no-one pumped up the tyres. 

Looks a bit worse than the anno having rubbed off.

I have the same hubs but in 32 hole silver, Unless you go high end, to me shimano hubs really are just crap now and designed and sold with with planned obsolescence.
Time to go get a four letter word Mr Oh, I have had a really good run with the other four letter word (hope) but guess you have a few kilos on me..

BUT if you want to give another brand a try before you buy or build I have a 32 hole dt swiss 370/ onxy hubs on a TK 540 rims wheelset sitting around not really waiting to be broken but .. Give me a shout, at least get you mobile again.

and you are welcome to also try my phil wheelset if you wish, the rear wheel is a screw on 18 tooth bmx freewheel but with a single speed chain and your truckers hozi dropouts it would work if you can get your head around using one gear. ( I would also clean the dust off, promise)

These things spin, spin, spin,  would may like? I do!

sorry, you may like not would may like

I am surprised to see that break. I sell hundreds of rear wheels with this hub per year and never heard of it happening. The reason it happened may be a flaw in the hub but it may have been a mismatch between the spokes and the hub. In the Rohloff world it is known that a few flanges have come away (like this one) and Rohloff has been quick to blame the spokes.So they have detailed prescriptions for spokes and lacing. Here for example it was a pulling spoke with the head on the inside that pulled the flange off. I'll ask my wheel expert tomorrow.


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