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I guess we should not expect anything better from the crowd that gave us Duncan Gay. 

The only glimmer (distant, probably unreliable) of hope for cycling is that RMS has been rolled back into the whole transport bureaucracy, so that its petrol-head priorities don't get to dominate absolutely everything. 

But look on the bright side – only four more years to go before we can vote them out!

Has anyone got a link to a map or layout of what they're talking about?

Ok, found some things:

SOPA's concerns about bus and bicycles through the 'mousehole' (pp21) :

and this (I think) is the existing 'mousehole' in question, off Rod Laver drive at the back of the tennis centre.

google maps

The six maps satellite view ( gives a pretty clear view of partial construction.

Mousehole is upper left from Rod Laver / Tennis courts, under Homebush Bay drive, and will link up with cycleway passing under the on-ramp mid picture.

How on earth a cyclist is supposed to get from A to B if that route is closed is anyone's guess. There's not even a route up to Homebush Bay Dr from Rod Laver, nor any pedestrian crossings.

Maybe up the M4 off-ramp, across three lanes of traffic, then right at the next lights </sarc>

I don't know why I didn't already know that mousehole - just near the start/finish line of the Tennis Centre Crit track that LACC uses. I think it's permanently locked - except maybe for Tennis Centre events. 

If that is shut, the alternative is the other mousehole on the Rhodes side of Australia Avenue.

The mousehole is here - in red

And in the future, it seems uncertain ....


The blue cycle route marked shows the other mousehole (the only one I knew about) on the Rhodes side of Australia Ave which is frequently used in and out of SOP from Nth Strathfield/Concord.

You would need to cross Aust Ave and go through Bicentennial Park to get to it - which is how it's  done now - but this keeps you miles away from any imaginary Westconnex cyclepath infrastructure that the RMS is never going to build ;-( 


When I used to ride the M4 to the city, I would often ponder how nice it would have been to be able to take the M4 access road "exit" (just below the hockey centre on the map above), then ride to the "mouse hole". It would have resulted in not having to cross the three lane off ramp (which was alway fun just before peak hour as traffic does 80+km/h along there).

Do note that taking the mouse hole would result in the cyclist exiting on the right hand side of the M4 on ramp. It could be this fact that has prevented the above from becoming a reality, for I think that cars racing around that bend would not be fun to play with.

RMS Cycleway Finder / Google Maps shows some intriguing ghostly lines which could be someone's dream of cycleways (note improvements including getting rid of those useless trees)

Ghost lines on google maps are the new alignment for the on-ramp and M4 East.

You can see the cycleway clearly in the aerial photo from six maps and page 11 onwards in the original document I linked ( which show the cycleway and ramps.

From your linked document there's an artists impression of the cyclepath from the mousehole under Homebush Bay Drive towards Nth Strathfield - here - 

 This looks like it's already built.

You can see the original mousehole up there.

And looking East from the same spot, there's a new mousehole - 

Maybe it's the Eastern side of this one that's the problem.

But it looks built to me.

its the old one that's the issue - they want buses to come off homebush bay drive at the on-ramp, then down into the mousehole.

 SOPA is worried about safety of bicycles vs buses.

I can see their point of view, obviously connex decided it was easier to just shut off cyclist access at these times to solve the problem.

I'm guessing the plan it to open the mousehole permanently, while bus use will be restricted as it is now - big events like the Easter show only.

They could put lights in there.

It can't be that hard.


How about they close the M4 to motorists if the cycle path becomes too busy. 

So where do these part time cycleways go? From memory you used to be able to use the M4 shoulder (if brave enough) from Concord Rd to Silverwater Rd and that has been closed during construction, the Homebush Bay drive was going to get  two lane no/off ramps to the widened M4 and we were promised some bicycle flyover to avoid these, I always assumed the promise would be quietly dropped at some stage and we would get nothing. 

What is being built for bicycles here and what does it join to?


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