I commute on a road bike daily into the city but detest eye watering lycra that makes the wearer look like a Tour wannabe!

Anyone know of any retailers of stylish but technical bike apparel in Sydney or online?


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If money is no object try Rapha

You can get it in Sydney in Bourke Street

...but there are many cheaper alternatives :-)
Thanks for the tip off about Rapha - pricey, but looks like great quality. Just the thing for Sydney Cycle Chic!
Why not just wear your everyday clothing? Lots of us do.
Or you could try Ground Effect in NZ http://www.groundeffect.co.nz/ They do good touring type gear.
But lycra is comfy. I love my lycra shorts :)
You can always buy some micro fibre shorts to put over the lycra shorts if you don't want to be stereo type cast.

But bike shirts with pockets at the back are essential.
I'm long past worrying about being stereotyped because of my shorts! hahaha
Drastic, absolutely perfect, exactly what I was looking for, thanks!


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